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Voiceover for Explainer Video: A Guide for Creators

A voiceover is an important part of most explainer videos. We have cast many voiceover artists across TV, radio, and online video over the years and we also operated an online voiceover marketplace. We’ve been active in the industry, speaking at conferences and presenting to ad agencies. And so, given the rise of online video, … Continued

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Best Company Videos of 2016

The year has passed and here’s the list of our best company videos, taken out of our portfolio for the year. We originally had the idea for this article when browsing lists of best company videos online. While some of the examples were really great, a lot of the lists were a bit dated. Explainer … Continued

whiteboard animated video

The Return of Whiteboard Animated Video

Whiteboard animated video is making a comeback! Like a monster from an old movie, this classic style is making a return in full force. Whiteboard animated video production fell out of favor there for a while, as marketers opted for flashier animation styles. Nonetheless, the whiteboard style is a timeless look and it is very … Continued

Translated Video

Making a Translated Video

Translating your explainer video into different languages is a great way to reach new markets and get more out of your investment in video. In this article, we’ll describe some of the factors to consider when making a translated video, whether that is explainer videos, product videos, or others.   Overview The business benefits of … Continued