Startup Explainer Videos

Explain your product in a nutshell, and win more business.

  • Show why you matter
  • Simplify your product
  • Get more leads
  • Stand out from competitors
Muru Music
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Cel animated character video

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Techy 3D explainer

Tilleo Brand Explainer Video
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Informal brand overview

Startup Explainer Videos
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Clean Energy

Friendly yet professional look

SaaS Explainer Videos
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Detailed characters and 3D

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Stock and animation

Startup Explainer Videos
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Gaming explainer video

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Character and pet animation

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3D Crypto Product Explainer Video

Startup Explainer Videos Pricing

You want your brand to look good but you’ve got a lot of other stuff to spend your budgets on right now too. We’re from the startup world… we get it. We are the price vs performance leader in the explainer video industry, so we are able to give you startup-friendly budgets combined with high-end production values.


How to make startup explainer videos

The first step is getting to know you and your product. Then we explore ideas and get stuck into scripting. The visual style will follow from the script and the tone you want in the video. With startup videos, it is usual for founders to be directly involved in the process, and in contrast to more established companies the messaging or marketing approach has often not yet been fully distilled. This is 100% fine and our process will help tease out the benefits of your product.