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How to Reach Your Marketing Objectives with Video

  Video is a super powerful tool used by most marketers today. From increasing brand awareness to driving sales, video can be used to achieve any of your marketing goals. But what exactly makes the impact of video marketing so high? High Engagement: Videos are visually appealing and can convey... Continued

Healthcare Tech Explainer Video

Healthcare Tech Product Videos

In this article we discuss a few ideas and approaches for creating a healthcare tech explainer video. We've broken the discussion down into 3 sections: Scripting/Storytelling Showing the benefits of your product Sound and Voice   1. Scripting/Storytelling Making a great video starts with a great script. It is important... Continued

Making a VR Video

Making a VR Video for Your Brand

  Making a VR video has to be one of the funnest (it's a word in the Metaverse, look it up ;) ) things we've done in a while! With the talk about content for the metaverse doing the rounds, everyone wants to know more about it, including us! So... Continued

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16 Explainer Video Script Ideas

In the ocean of videos out there it can be surprisingly hard to get good ideas for your script. A google search doesn't give many answers. But look no further! Here are a few explainer video script ideas to get you going. A good agency will help you write a... Continued