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Creating Excitement with Video – A Project Teardown

In this article, we show the development of creating excitement with video, a project for TestGear. The brief was to provide an overview of the product and it was important to highlight how capable and superior the product was. Let's dive into our approach, from start to finish, of how... Continued

Dragon promotional videos for games

Promotional Videos for Games

You need to promote your game... and what better way to do it than through a video? The world of gaming is very near to our hearts - given all the creativity that goes into making a game and the fact that we have an office full of gamers, how... Continued

isometric explainer video

Isometric Explainer Video (with examples)

An isometric explainer video (also referred to as 2.5D animation) is a form of video where the scenes are viewed from above and to the side, i.e. the camera angle is locked in one place, so it looks kinda like those cool city-builder computer games. Here's an example of one... Continued

Making an explainer video

Making an Explainer Video: Cortnie’s Story

Back in 2016, we had the very special opportunity of making an explainer video for the Jewish Board of New York. The video is about a person named Tom. Specifically about how Tom's life was transformed by the support he received from the Jewish Board as a boy. You can... Continued