screenshot of Cortnie's Story video for Jewish Board

The Making of: Jewish Board – Cortnie’s Story

A year ago, back in 2016, we had made a very special video for the Jewish Board of New York. It was about a person named Tom, whose life was transformed by the support he received from the Jewish Board as a boy. For us, the video was special in another way too – it … Continued

Seni enjoyed working on this challenging project.

The Making of: Green Arrow Labs’ Explainer Video

We recently worked with Bob Whitehead, CEO of Green Arrow Labs, on an animated overview video for his company. Here’s how things went down.     The Brief The brief from Bob was to create a compelling video to sit front-and-centre on his homepage. He wanted it to be visually-striking and professional. And definitely not … Continued

Jewish Board - Tom

Case Study: The Making of a Tearjerker

We were very excited when we won the job to produce Jewish Board’s storytelling video for their annual gala. Now here was a great project, something out of the ordinary, and for a good cause too!   The Brief The job was to tell the story of Tom, a person who’s life was transformed by … Continued

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Explainer Video Case Study: Coolfront

Coolfront’s videos are their #1 marketing asset. In this explainer video case study we will tell you how we worked with them to create their videos.     The Client Coolfront helps service businesses run more efficiently with tools for pricing and managing agreements. For example, their pricing app helps plumbing, electrical and HVAC technicians … Continued