Sales Video Anatomy

A good sales video is a powerful tool! It can help your sales staff get more appointments and close more deals. Ultimately helping them reach their sales targets. The great thing about video is that you control the message – you get to make your winning sales pitch every time!

In this article, we’ll do some digging into the components of a sales video and we’ll be using the below video we made for Irish Life as an example. In this project, we made around 8 sets of videos, each tailored to the individual salesperson.


Uses for a sales video

There are many ways to use a sales video.

  1. To help secure a meeting/call, e.g. by using it on your website, social media, or email.
  2. Pre-meeting, to tell prospects what to expect at the meeting
  3. To show during a meeting
  4. Post-meeting, to reinforce trust

The language should be different depending on the exact purpose of the video. It should support your own unique process. In our video example, the purpose of the video was to introduce the broker and tell clients what to expect in their first meeting.


Nail the message

You know the lines that sell your product, right? You need to be crystal clear about your proposition. In our Irish Life example, we worked with a broker who had years of experience at the coal face. For more information on writing a compelling message, have a read through our article about scripting.


Customize each sales video for the Salesperson

In our example video, we used recorded video footage of each salesperson.

Sales Video - Filmed Brokers

We also created animated avatars for each salesperson.
Sales Video - Customized animation

And each person’s contact details were shown.
Sales video



What do you want the viewer to do? Tell them! Do you want them to call you? Then tell them to pick up the phone and show them a number. Do you want them to click on a link? If so, then say it, give them the link, and set up a video annotation in your video hosting platform. Don’t use multiple call-to-actions. It’s better to pick one and keep it simple. In our video example, we end with “Call today, for the future you want” and provide the details.



We all know it’s important to make a good first impression when it comes to sales so if you’re going to make a video it’s worth spending the time and budget on making your video a good one. If you are interested in seeing more ways of using video in your business have a read through our article about 28 types of explainer videos. Showing how you can use video for every stage of the sales funnel!