Hip Hip Hooray, Piehole.TV is 10 years old

Piehole.TV recently celebrated our big 1-0! Our team has been absolute superstars during the last 2 weird years, and we wanted to do something to make them feel special. Since our curve was flat (at the time), we decided to do it in style and party like it’s 2019. Below are some photos from the … Continued

Explainer video animation quality

New Product: 3D Interactive Models

Virtual worlds are becoming a bigger part of everyday life. From Travis Scott’s hip-hop concert that was held in the Fortnite game to complex training simulations used by tech companies, these virtual environments are increasing in popularity. It’s a new world out there bringing opportunities for marketers and educators. Here at Piehole we’ve certainly taken … Continued

Video Marketing Statistics

Video Marketing Statistics: Infographic

A quick Google search for explainer video effectiveness, or video marketing statistics will show many results! But, you’re in luck! We have a rather handy little explainer video infographic for you, covering just that! Have you ever wondered… do explainer videos work? What’s the expected ROI for a video? Is making a video worth the … Continued

Amazon / E-Commerce Product Videos

Amazon / E-Commerce Product Videos

E-commerce product videos, for websites like Amazon, are an amazing way to get your product to stand out in this online crowd. These videos, which are also known as product tours, are roughly 15- 30 seconds long. Although, they might be longer depending on the content. Including realistic renders of your products, as well as … Continued