cut-out animation

Cut-out Animation: Is it Cut Out for you?

Cut-out animation is making a comeback! This animated video style is an engaging, fun style of stop-motion video that uses photos and illustrations. Traditionally, these videos were made by taking photos of physical card-board images and moving them around by hand. These days that may still be done! But more... Continued

Sales video

Sales Video Anatomy

A good sales video is a powerful tool! It can help your sales staff get more appointments and close more deals. Ultimately helping them reach their sales targets. The great thing about video is that you control the message - you get to make your winning sales pitch every time!... Continued

explainer videos with stock

Explainer Videos with Stock, done the Fab Way!

Making explainer videos with stock footage is a great way to get a "real-life" look without busting through your budget on a big film shoot. But how do you use stock to make a video that's not... well... stock-y? Here's how we do it the Piehole way!   Go for... Continued

Voiceover for Explainer Video icon

Voiceover for Explainer Video: A Guide for Creators

A voiceover is an important part of most explainer videos. We have cast many voiceover artists across TV, radio, and online video over the years and we also operated an online voiceover marketplace. We've been active in the industry, speaking at conferences and presenting to ad agencies. And so, given... Continued