B2C Explainer Videos

Get noticed by the right people.

  • Grab audience attention
  • Generate excitement
  • Increase product understanding
  • Create buying intent
B2C explainer videos
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Asus - 3D Product Video
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Punchy product demo

PMI Explainer Video Thumbnail
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Mixed media explainer

B2C explainer videos - SanFran Coffee Video Thumbnail
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San Francisco Bay Coffee

2D animated explainer

B2C explainer videos
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Minimalistic 3D design

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Motion graphics with live action

B2C explainer videos
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Detailed character design

Short promo
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Eat Fit Go

Short promo ad

OrthoFX video image
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Colorful character animation

ESRB App Demo
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App overview with characters

How to make B2C explainer videos

First we would get to know you and your product. Then we will go straight into exploring creative concepts and get stuck into script writing. The visual style will follow from the script and the tone you want in the video. No matter the product you’re offering, we have many creative options ranging from filming, 2D illustration, realistic 3D renders, and photography.


Types of Videos

There are many types of videos for B2C companies including:

  • Product videos
  • Brand videos
  • Content videos
  • Training and tutorials
  • Internal communication videos
  • Company culture videos
  • Case Studies
  • Testimonials



It typically takes 7-11 weeks to create a B2C explainer video. The timeline will depend on the duration and style of the video. If we are filming or doing a more complex video (e.g. with 3D work) then that can impact the timing. We are also able to turn around tight deadlines, so speak to us about your requirements.