Explainer Video Case Study: Coolfront

Coolfront’s videos are their #1 marketing asset. In this explainer video case study we will tell you how we worked with them to create their videos.


The Client

Coolfront helps service businesses run more efficiently with tools for pricing and managing agreements. For example, their pricing app helps plumbing, electrical, and HVAC technicians to calculate the price of repairs quickly and get approval from customers on the spot.


The Problem

Coolfront needed a high-level overview of its products. Back in 2012, they were transforming their business into a digital app-driven model. They had been in business for a long time but were still literally operating on books and paper. It was time to change, and with a digital business came digital marketing. They commissioned us to make 3 product videos.



Our founder Priscilla was on the case, “We wanted to make videos that were big on personality and big on charm. Our goal was to create videos that a seen-it-all technician and their boss could really relate to.”

So we created characters like Dave, the mad genius HVAC technician who keeps losing his paperwork. We added elements like the angry client kicking the technician out the door about an unexpected extra charge. Every technician has a story about these things and we wanted to be true to that and have some fun.

Image for explainer video case study


The Results

Coolfront was really pleased, and had this to say: “The videos have been our #1 asset. We produce a large amount of content and the videos have generated the most views, the most clicks, and the most leads”. The story doesn’t end here because they are making further investments into video marketing. We expect great things!

Video marketing can be a huge benefit for your business, as this explainer video case study has shown. Get in touch now to hear more.