Creating Excitement with Video – A Project Teardown

In this article, we show the development of creating excitement with video, a project for TestGear. The brief was to provide an overview of the product and it was important to highlight how capable and superior the product was. Let’s dive into our approach, from start to finish, of how we injected excitement into this video, based on the client’s brief.

Client Brief

Testgear requested a video that is exciting, interesting and attracts attention. The video had to provide an overview of the product and it was important to highlight how capable and superior the product was.

The Script

Drawing from the brief, our scriptwriter, Jess Ed landed on an exciting script idea! Conceptually, she wanted to create an exciting 3D factory feel to help give an impression of power, capability and reliability. She used confident, punchy language to describe the benefits and create hype around the product. After some revisions, we proceeded to the next step.

The VoiceOver

Landing the right voice over artist is crucial. The client wanted someone with a strong authoritative tone. We did a casting and settled on Ross Huguet, an experienced artist who was able to take the provided direction and successfully capture the required confident tone.


Based on the script, we got to work and produced a first draft set of style frames. Here’s how these looked:

This needed some tweaking to make it more vibrant and also get it closer to the client’s brand identity. We worked on it some more and here’s how the next version looked:

Looking good! We had the approval to proceed.

Graphics & Sound

We developed the full set of graphics at this stage. Usually, with 3D work, we’ll do a previz and/or sketches, but our artist decided to go straight to final graphics. We noticed the flow of the software screens could do with some improvements. After a quick brainstorm with the client and a few tweaks, we were back on track. Meanwhile, we were searching for the perfect soundtrack, as our plan was for the music to inform the animation.


Now it was time to animate. The animation process went smoothly with minimal revisions and was delivered just in time to meet the deadline. 

The outcome? See for yourself:

Creating excitement with video is crucial for your product. In each step of the video production process, we revisited the client’s key objective; to spotlight their product’s superior capabilities in an exciting way, by creating an exciting video!