How to Produce Great Video Podcasts

Many CEOs and marketers are turning to video podcasts to promote themselves. But it’s a ton of content to create and promote across different channels. That’s where Piehole.TV comes in. We take the pain out of the process for you, with our video podcast production service. In this article, we’ll share our approach along with examples we made for our friends at

The Framework

To create the content, we use the Gary Vee content model. The starting point is the “pillar content” which in this case is the main long-form video. From there you create micro-content and articles, e.g. for Instagram, TikTok, blogs and your website. Finally, you use community feedback, e.g. comments on your videos, to serve as inspiration for additional micro-content.

video podcast production Gary Vee content model

An Example

As an example of a video podcast production, let’s use the Gross Profit Podcast by Each month we create 4 main videos (pillar content) with supporting content.

Pillar Content

To have a professional-looking podcast, you need some production values right up front. We like making a funky intro sequence. To have this properly produced is a worthwhile investment because first impressions count! The pillar content is a 3-5 min interview video conducted with subject matter experts. Further, the structure of the videos is: start with a soundbite from the conversation, then proceed to a motion graphic intro, followed by the rest of the interview.


For each of the 4 pieces of pillar content, we create micro-content. This includes the below:

  • Meme image (a memorable quote from the video)
  • 60s version of video
  • 15s clip of video
  • Tiktok video
  • Audiogram
  • GIF image (vertical and horizontal)
  • Thumbnail

Here below is an example of the different types of micro-content created:

Image: example of audiogram
Meme image example for video podcast production with Anthony Nitsos
Image: example of meme quote image
Image: example of horizontal GIF image
Image: example of vertical GIF image
Anthony Nitsos video podcast production thumbnail
Image: example of thumbnail


Along with each of the 4 pillar videos per month we also create:

  • Article for newsletter
  • Social media posts
  • Guest distribution pack

The guest distribution pack (thank you deck, with a CTA to share the podcast and all links to promotional items) gets sent to the interviewee after the video is created. This is a polite thank you with links to all the assets, encouraging them to share with their contacts and also an email template in case they want to refer a contact to appear on the podcast.


Making a good podcast requires consistency with a lot of content to create across different channels. But with a professional approach and some upfront planning, you too can create awesome content. Get in touch if you’d like to find out how we can help you.