9 Exhibition and Conference Video Ideas

Using exhibition and conference videos might just give you the edge you need to stand out from the crowd at large events. To help you with this, we’ve compiled a list with 9 (of many) ideas on how to use video at conferences and exhibitions.

You can also watch this handy little video, showing these 9 ideas:


Why use exhibition and conference videos?

According to Dr. James McQuivey, from Forrester Research, a 1-minute video is worth 1.8 million words! So having just one video on display at a conference or exhibition could help your company to:

  • attract a bigger audience
  • talk to more people at the same time
  • be more memorable

Videos for conferences aren’t limited to use at a conference only, there are many videos that you can create in the weeks leading up to the conference, but more on that below.

The 9 Ideas explained


Pre-Conference Announcements

These videos work great to build hype before your conference. Not hosting a conference? They could also work to announce that you’ll be attending a conference. Have a look at this pre-conference announcement video we created to help build some hype for the client with their employees.


Looping Display for your Exhibit

A great way to stand out while exhibiting your products or services is to have a video on a loop to show off your services/product while you can’t. This also helps to grab and hold the attention of passers-by. These videos will typically run silently. Here’s a trade show video example below:


Engaging Statistics

If you have a whole lot of statistics that help build credibility for your product or services, but you don’t want to bore your audience with it, a great idea would be to create an engaging infographic video to help convey this information in a fun, yet informative way.


Conference Promotions

Offering a conference promotion is a good way to attract more people and get more leads. You can use these videos before the conference and at the conference. Here’s an example that we created to promote a competition.


Screen Demos

Screen demos work great when you want to show your software and all its features while making it look super good at the same time. These videos can be used at your exhibition when, for example, someone has in-depth questions about your software. Need some ideas for your screen demo video? Just have a look at our Software video playlist on YouTube.


Brand Explainer

These are exactly what they sound like, a video that explains your brand! Brand explainer videos are great in the sense that you can use them well after you’ve attended the conference by posting them on your website and social channels.


Step-by-Step How-to Videos

A Step-by-Step how-to video is great when you want to explain to someone exactly how your product works. Even better, you can explain to a group of people at the same time! Have a look at this Step-by-Step video we created.


Translated Videos

Translating any of the videos on this list will help you to reach a wider audience and explain your products and services to more people. This allows you to attend more conferences all over the world.


3D Visualisations

3D Visualisations are great for realistically showing off your products in more detail. We’re talking about dissembling the entire product and explaining it bit by bit. Here’s an example of a 3D product video that you can use at a conference.


Making Videos for your own Conference

If you’re hosting a conference you’ll likely need a set of videos for yourself, including a conference opening video and various video content to show on screens. Here are a few samples of videos we’ve made in that regard.




Your conference video pricing will depend a lot on the style of video you want (2D, 3D, live-action, etc), the length of the video, and the explainer video company you chose to contact. You can even choose more than one idea on this list, since creating sets of videos are more cost-effective to make.

Get in touch if you want to find out more, or to share some ideas. We would love to help out!