Video Marketing Statistics: Video and Infographic

A quick Google search for explainer video effectiveness, or video marketing statistics will show many results! But, you’re in luck! We have a rather handy little explainer video infographic for you, covering just that! Have you ever wondered… do explainer videos work? What’s the expected ROI for a video? Is making a video worth the cost and effort? We have been making explainer videos for 10 years, even from before when it was cool! So, recently we invited our clients to participate in a survey. We’ll let the data speak for itself! Below we have it summarized in an infographic.

Video Marketing Statistics

You can also view some of the video marketing statistics in this infographic video that we created:


Open answers to the question “What problems did your video solve?”

As part of the survey, we also asked the above open-ended question. We enjoyed the answers so much that we decided to share some of them with you. Here are a few of our favorite answers to the question:

What problems did your video solve?

  • Visualizing situations and circumstances that couldn’t be fully realized with live footage or photos.
  • Providing partners with the material.
  • Reduce the friction of new user education.
  • Made their brand seem friendlier and more accessible.
  • Helped with internal communication.
  • Product training purposes.
  • Helped make their startup look more professional and established.
  • Provided a more engaging tool for presentations and websites.
  • Video helped to get people to believe in their product.
  • Video helped with sales pitches.
  • Internal video helped to celebrate employees.


Successful Video Strategies

We asked our clients to share any video strategies that they might have, more specifically any successful video strategies. Here are a few of the interesting and helpful hints we received:

  • Use video whenever you can and everywhere.
  • Wait until your message and positioning is very solid. Make your video modular with the ability to update.
  • Be very careful with the wording of key concepts and ideas, this will ensure the longevity of your video even if some aspects of your business change.
  • Make a video that addresses WIIFM “what’s in it for me” and speaks to the problems you are solving for the viewer.
  • Have specific points to touch on in the video and avoid trying to include too many points so your message is clear and exact.
  • Enter the conversation with clear goals for your video so the video production team knows what the video needs to convey.
  • Have multiple videos for different landing pages
  • Don’t explain it. Let the Piehole team do that for you.
  • Be very clear about who your target audience is and what specific message you are trying to communicate to them.
  • Use several short (3-5 second) animations/videos on multiple pages across your website, rather than one longer video the visitor must interact with and make a deeper commitment to watch. Use a longer (1 minute) video after the commitment is made to the call-to-action (a visitor has provided contact information).
  • Keep it simple and clear.
  • Use video to answer the most common questions customers have about your product and as a tool for customer education in general.
  • Use the video to capture viewer data on social platforms and use that data to focus ads and retarget to different buyer personas properly.


Want to be part of these video marketing statistics?

Get in touch and let’s start talking, we have many ideas to help make your explainer video a huge success! Alternatively, to view some of the videos we created for the survey participants, head on over to our portfolio or our YouTube page.