Software Demo Videos with Real Screens

If we’ve said it once, we’ve said it a thousand times – we’re crazy about software and software demo videos here at Piehole. And nothing gets us more excited than slick demo screencasts! Therefore, we’ve compiled a few examples, ideas, and approaches. Just to help give you some inspiration for your next software demo video. We hope you enjoy it (we sure had fun creating them).

But, before getting into our list of ideas, here’s a video we created to share 5 animation-style ideas for your next demo video. Enjoy:


Slick Screen Transitions

In this video we used realistic looking screens and combined them with animation. The screen animations were created in 3D.


3D Animation

3D animation… it just lends something a little extra to your video! Here you’ll see super realistic 3D hardware and super realistic screencast. The colorful, moving background adds a bit of fun to this demo video.


Motion graphics + Demo Screens

Here’s a fun one! This demo video is a combination of motion graphics, 2D screencasts, icon style characters, and typography! Enjoy 🙂


High level Overview Combined with Demo

This video is similar in style to the above. In terms of scripting, it’s an example where a high level overview is combined with a demo that shows how the software looks.


Cool Devices

An attractive little number! Here we use 3d models of computers and other devices to show the software on. We combined it with a shiny track, slick transitions and a dark background. It’s all rather mysterious, but we love it.


Straight-up Demo

Clean and straightforward – you’ll find 2D screens in this software demo video. These screens look real but actually they’ve been re-created in animation to help with flow.


Real Recorded Screens

In this type of video we use actual screen recordings that are unmodified… aside from replacing the cursor. We use zooms, popups, typography and some animation to make the demo easier to understand and to highlight certain important parts.


Phone App Demo

We created this fun app demo video using 2D and 3D animation. A golf ball is used to demo the app, because you know… this app is all about golf! Add in some funky music and sound effects and you’re ready to tee off.


Want to Create Your Own Software Demo Video?

Let us help! We’re always open to more ideas and would love to hear what you have in mind for your next software demo. You can find more samples of our software demo videos on our YouTube channel.