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Explaining a Complex Software Product – Video Project Teardown

In this article we show the ins and outs of explaining a complex software product, using the video we made for Prism Workpath as a reference. The case study shows the steps that were taken to simplify the complexity of the software and bring out its core benefits. https://youtu.be/dEtUL1Ukqg0 The... Continued

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How to Explain Complex SaaS Products with Video

A major barrier to purchase with SaaS is complexity, so how exactly do you explain complex SaaS products clearly and compellingly? Clients often don't "get" what your product can do for them, so it's important to show them exactly how you can help solve their problems. That's easy to say... Continued

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What’s the best video style for your business?

Are you looking to create a company video but wondering what is the best video style for your business? Do you need a bit of inspiration? Or does choosing the right style for your video feel confusing? This article is here to help! Below we give a few suggestions and... Continued

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Communicating your Value Proposition using Video – A Project Breakdown

In this article we'll show a mini case study, showing the steps of how a video was created from start to finish, where the goal was to communicate the client's value proposition using video effectively. https://youtu.be/ozXJBBwoIvg The Brief Moonbeam wanted to get people hyped about the evolution of blockchain technology... Continued