Explainer Video Examples (that are awesome)

We present you with the most comprehensive list of explainer video examples on the planet! Um, that we know of anyway. We’ve broken it down by style to give you ideas in 2D, 3D, photography, live action and a whole lot more. We have plenty more examples so if you like a particular style then send us a note and we can show you more ideas.

Explainer Video Examples
This is the list for you if you want to make waves with your video but need a few style ideas, or if you just want a sense of what’s out there. There are tons of examples below, all made by us. This video below also summarises a lot of the styles:


Ok so without further delay… our explainer video examples.


Motion Graphic

Animation… but not cartoony. Motion graphic videos are very popular because they look professional and they let you explain complex stuff in an easy way.



Motion Graphic – 3D

Dynamic, professional… and 3D. There are plenty ways to do this, for example the video below has a tech-y sort of feel to it

The next video uses some more realistic looking renders.


Motion Graphic – 2.5D

This is the so-called “isometric” style. In this style the camera angle stays fixed from above. The below video is in isometric 2.5d style but actually uses 3D and cel animation techniques too.


Character Animation

This is classic explainer video territory. The style is great for friendly, fun videos where you want the viewer to relate to the problem you’re solving.


Character Animation – Frame by Frame (cel)

Cel animation is a technique where each frame is individually drawn. This gives a smooth type of motion. The below video uses this technique a lot.

The use of cel animation creates a sense of natural movement when the player hits the ball in the below video.



Character Animation – 3D

Story-telling in 3D. These kind of videos are more complex and time-consuming to create and have higher budgets.


2D with 3D elements

A flat 2D style, but juiced up with some funky 3D! This is a really cool way to make a video with high production value. To see an overview of different types of 3D work in general check out our guide.


2D character in 3D world

In this style we have a 2D character in a 3D-modelled world.


3D Realistic

Here a product or visuals are created in realistic-looking 3D. Great for product demos.


Screen Demo – 2D

There are plenty of ways to do software demos. In the below sample we used 2D-animated screens modelled after the actual software screens.


Screen Demo – 3D

A screen demo, but with funky 3D screen views.


Screen Demo with Stock Footage

This video uses some stock footage to frame the demo in a real setting and show the demo on a computer.


Screen Demo – Real Recorded Screens

Many screen demos are actually animated versions of real screens but its also possible to use the actual screen recordings as in the below video.


App Demo Video in filmed live Action

Here we demo the product using filmed live action footage.


Live Action – with actor/presenter


Live Action – with motion graphics

We use animated graphics to help the explanation.


Live Action – simple shoot, no dialogue

A simple shoot is a good way to keep your costs under control. By keeping locations under control and minimising action sequences you can increase your overall production value per budget.


Live Action – using stock footage

You don’t always need to film to make a live action video. Below are two explainer video examples that do just that. Good quality stock footage can be sourced at various places on the internet, e.g. Shutterstock and Pond5. With a well-planned script and a bit of animation it’s possible to create a good engaging video.



Live Action – stock footage with dynamic edit

Here the music takes centre-stage. This type of video has a looser script and uses a quick edit of different footage.


Real actor in Animated World

In the below video example we filmed a real person and we have them move into an animated world.


Animation + Photos

Animation combined with photographic elements. This is a good way to get a “grown up” look, like in the first example below, or just to make your video more interesting. We think the creative potential with photos is really huge and that the more experimental brands will be well-rewarded by trying new things with photography.



Animation + Photo Backdrops

Animated characters on real backgrounds.


Photos with Parallax Effect

We take photos and make them move with a funky 3D effect.


Cut-out Photography

This is a light-hearted style where we use photography of people and objects in different positions and bring it to life with animation.


Animation + Cut-out Photos + Live Action

A style mashup can look great. Here we combine live action with cut-out photography and animation.


Animation with hand-drawn look

Using hand-drawn artwork is a great way to get a sophisticated, natural feel.



Whiteboard Animation

Whiteboard is a classic style that’s making a comeback. These types of videos rely on your creator having good illustration skills. These days the hand is usually added by software, but the old-school way of filming a person drawing it is still the “purest” way to do it!


Company Culture Video

A culture video is a recruitment and HR tool for communicating a company’s culture.


Foreign Language and Translated Videos

A great way to reach new markets. These are specialist jobs because the visuals need to be in the foreign language and the synchronization is a challenge.


Animated Testimonial

Turn a written testimonial into an animation.


Kickstarter / Fundraising

Fundraising videos tend to have interview footage and a concept/product demo, and sometimes testimonials.


Social Video for Fundraising

Short-form video made out of stock footage for fundraising campaigns.



Just had to slip good old Jim in here.


The Explainer Video Examples of the Future?

So many cool videos to create, so little time. We think video is going to get way more exciting… and less formulaic. We’d like to see some more illustrated styles, e.g. inspired by the fine arts (any takers?). At the end of the day it’s all about getting people to buy your stuff so we think we’ll see cool new scripting and visual tricks to keep more eye-balls glued to those screens.


That concludes our amazingly comprehensive list of explainer video examples. Contact us now to talk about ideas for your project.