Explainer Videos for AI Products

AI Product Explainer video screenshot from RepTrak

If you have an artificial intelligence product and want to supercharge your marketing then consider getting yourself a good explainer video. Explainer videos for AI products will help:

  • Build excitement
  • Show why you matter
  • Explain how your product works
  • Get you more sales

If your product is complex then your audience will love you for explaining it in a clear and simple way! We also have to mention that there are plenty of ways to use video in your marketing, so check out our list of 28 types of marketing videos for some more inspiration.

Feel free to get in touch if you would like to explore options for your own video.


12 Ideas for AI Explainer Videos

Below are some examples of videos we’ve made for clients with AI products. These will hopefully give you some style inspiration for your own video. Alright, let’s take it away:


1. Friendly Tech-y Feel

The below explainer video oozes tech! It was created using high-end 3D animation, with a mix of motion graphics and screen demos. And while the video itself is really tech-y in terms of narrative and visuals, the use of light colors makes it more friendly and approachable.


2. Fun and Vibrant

Artificial intelligence doesn’t necessarily have to be a serious topic. You can have fun with your video if your branding calls for it. We’re talking about a fun script and narrative, vibrant colors, and even some jolly stock footage.


3. Keep It Clean

This specific video was used as an exhibition display to help this AI medical product standout from the crowds at conferences. It was scripted to convey information, by means of typography, to busy conference goers, as well as to show how the client’s app works. The clean design style of the video ensures that viewer attention is drawn to the important factors in the video.


4. Educate Your Clients

Chances are, your ideal customer is already clued up about AI and what it holds. So don’t be afraid to educate your clients about the ins and outs of your product. The 3D animated video below does just that:


5. 3D Robots!

This product explainer was created using stock footage and super realistic 3D animation. No jokes! That is not a real robot… A great option if you want to grab attention really quick. AND hold it!


6. Real World

Here we have lots of pink, vibrant colors, and animated characters exploring real footage of a virtual tour through a property. It’s a fantastic way to add a playful touch to a super futuristic topic!


7. Make it Inspirational

This video was created to inspire confidence in your product. From the uplifting track, to the inspirational story behind the main character. Be sure to look out for smooth transitions, flow-y data-like visuals and flying superheroes in this AI RegTech explainer video. The video was created using an animation style called cel animation or frame-by-frame animation. This allows for more fluid motion.


8. Simple Shapes, Funky Soundtrack

This video uses shapes, objects and transitions to tell the story.


9. Use Analogies

In the below SaaS video, we used navigating traffic as an analogy for this clients’ artificial intelligence sales product and the journey their clients go on. Using an analogy for your product explainer, makes the video more relatable for potential clients.


10. Abstract Screens

Motion graphics explainer videos are videos that use professional, moving graphics instead of animated characters. Or in this case, instead of an actual screen or screen demo. For this AI logo design company, the use of motion graphics was the right approach, since it makes abstract and difficult concepts easy to explain.


11. Clean Screens

The purpose of this video is to show potential customers exactly how the product works. As with number 3 on this list, the video’s visuals are pretty clean, ensuring that the viewers focus on the right thing. In this case, the screen demo and messaging!


AI Video Production

You want to make a big impact and so you should look for a video partner who’s able to help you do that. Below are some key questions to ask your potential video creators:

  • How will you bring excitement to my product?
  • How does your process ensure a top-notch creative result? Do you control and direct the creative or is everything outsourced?
  • Does your team have experience creating explainer videos for AI products?

That way you can make an informed decision and have a better idea of how they can help you reach your goals for your project. Also ask about timelines. A good quality video can take anywhere from 7 – 13 weeks to create, depending on style, duration and feedback rounds (we here at Piehole also offer express services, to help you get your video quicker, in 4-5 weeks 😉 ). Making a great video is a serious investment in time by many artists and other creatives so be wary of timelines that seem to good to be true.

Thinking about creating an explainer video? Get in touch and we will put together a video proposal for you!