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Healthcare Tech Explainer Video
In this article we discuss a few ideas and approaches for creating a healthcare tech explainer video. We’ve broken the discussion down into 3 sections:

  1. Scripting/Storytelling
  2. Showing the benefits of your product
  3. Sound and Voice


1. Scripting/Storytelling

Making a great video starts with a great script. It is important for your audience to relate to your video and to form a connection with your product. With healthcare products it can be very effective to craft a story with a strong human side. After all, nothing is more human than a person’s health. The below video for example tries to show emotion in an informal setting using expressive frame-by-frame animation.

In the below video we created the script to show the client’s tech in real-life scenarios and to portray a human/emotive side.

You may want to make your video feel more “real” with actual people rather than animated characters. In this case you can script your video to use filmed footage or stock footage.


2. Showing the benefits of your product

It’s important to clearly highlight the benefits of your product and to craft a visual flow that brings this to life. Ultimately your potential clients need to know why you’re special. In the below video we take the approach of showing a customer’s journey through the product.

In the next video we show a physical product using 3D Animation to demonstrate how it works and exactly what the customer can expect. The product benefits are explained through motion graphics.

It’s more important to show the core benefits in your video rather than trying to cram in each and every feature. During the creative process our writers work hard to tease out exactly what those core benefits are and how to communicate them in an impactful way.


3. Sound and Voice

A vital part of your production will be the sound design and voiceover. First off, let’s look at music. Music is a great tool to evoke emotion in people. Use that to your advantage, by adding a really emotive and uplifting track in your explainer video, like in the video below:

Then we have voice. There are so many options to consider, and this will tie in with step one of this article. If you are more focused on showing the features and technical aspects of your product, bring that into the voice of your video. The video below uses a more corporate tone to reach a specific target market:

If you are focusing more on the emotional connection, you might want to go for a more conversational tone for your voice, like in the video below:


Want a Healthcare Tech Explainer Video?

If you think this is something you need for your product and audience, get in touch or schedule a free creative consultation with us. We love creating videos about all things tech and all things healthcare, and we can’t wait to hear about your ideas.