13 Explainer Video Script Ideas

In the ocean of videos out there it can be surprisingly hard to get good ideas for your script. A google search doesn’t give many answers. But look no further! Here are a few explainer video script ideas to get you going. A good agency will help you write a script that will execute well – the creative options are literally limitless, but the below should help with a few ideas.

script ideas


1. The “Problem – Solution” format

This is the classic explainer script format and it works very well – it’s a format that our brains accept easily! The structure is as follows:

  1. Describe the problem in the market
  2. Introduce the solution (your product)
  3. Explain how it works
  4. State the call-to-action

Here below we have an example in live action. The video doesn’t use a voiceover and in the “problem” step we use tense music and show a very frustrated driver to max out the drama.


2. The “Identify – Benefits” format

The format is kinda similar to the “Problem – Solution” format above, it’s just phrased a little differently. First, we say who the customer is and try to identify with them, e.g. “As a busy engineering manager you are constantly …”. Then we state the benefits/features that would be good for them, e.g. “Wouldn’t it be nice if…” and then we introduce your product, say how it works and close with a call-to-action.


3. Real Life Story

A real-life story is often a good way to make an engaging video.


4. Graphical Transitions, No Voiceover

Describe your business in simple, short sentences. Then plan for graphics that flow naturally from one sentence into the next.


5. Quick cuts, No Voiceover

Here again, you keep your message short & punchy. Then liven things up with a series of quick visuals to accentuate the messaging.


6. Show a Customer Journey

Here you show a detailed customer walkthrough using your solution. This is easy to do in animation, or if you are filming. In the below video we did it using stock footage, which is a little more difficult because you need to script it to work within the realities of working with stock. For example, you can’t usually source footage of the same person doing different actions. Therefore, we get around that with tricks like showing zoomed-in footage of someone using a phone (rather than the actual actor).


7. Big Focus on the Problem

Here we create customer rapport by spending a lot of time talking about the problem. We are not so concerned about showing how the product works, we just want to hammer home the issue and make the viewer problem-aware. Making them “solution-aware” can then be done separately.


8. Side by Side Comparison

Show two users – one who uses your solution and one who doesn’t.


9. Funky Character

Tell a story of an interesting animated character using your product. As explainer video script ideas go, this one is easy to do.


10. Feel-good Brand Story

Create a story about your brand without focusing on the features of the product at all.


11. Kinetic Typography

Grab attention with bold, dynamic typography.


12. Live Action Lite

If you want live-action but don’t have a big budget, then one way to do it is to film just one or a few simple things. For example, a person using your product in a simple way, with no complicated sets, no dialogue, and not too many scene changes. This simplifies your shoot and lets you get better production value for your budget.


13. Use an Analogy

By using an analogy you can make a script more relatable and also move it out of the boring zone. A big benefit is that it also makes the visuals more engaging. In the below video we said that using an un-secure browser is like being a goldfish in a bowl. Because looking at a video with a cool fish is nicer than looking at one with a boring old browser screen!


Final Thoughts

There you have it: 13 explainer video script ideas. For more pointers on writing your script, have a look at our article on How to Write a Kickass Explainer Video Script. If you’d like some style ideas then have a look at our list of explainer video examples or visit our YouTube page. Lastly, if you want to chat about ideas or get a quick quote, get in touch. we would love to help!