Cute Animated Videos (yes, for Business)

Psst, wanna see some adorable company explainer videos? We’ll hook you up! Here are some examples of videos with cute characters and fun, informal scripts. Just remember, you saw them here first. These types of videos are great for keeping your audience engaged and for explaining things in a clear, simple way.


1.Christmas Video for Iron Mountain

First up is this Christmas video we made, which has some delightful little critters.


2. Poolspark

Dancing animals anyone? Here’s a little number we made in 2D animated style. The video gives an overview of the client’s product and shows how it works.


3. Coral Network

This video has a funky little main character and some fish with serious personality. In case you were wondering about the technical animation stuff, this video uses a splash of cel animation (where the frames are drawn individually) and just a little bit of 3D for the boxes at the end.


4. e-Tags

Take 3 unusual people, mix in a bit of animation, and voila… you get this video! It tells the real-life story of 3 characters who use the company’s service in an amusing way. I don’t know about you but it makes me want to buy.


5. Amerisource

Here’s a video with some cute pets in it. Although it has animals the video is quite professional in style and definitely wouldn’t be out of place in a corporate setting.


Production Tips

It’s a good idea to collect references and ideas before you start. This will help your agency with pricing and to understand what you’re after. During production, the most important part will be the scripting, especially the planning of the visuals that go with the audio. It’s also helpful not to script in actions that are too complex, as animation is time consuming work and this will help make your budget go further and give you a better end-result. Music is also important, so leave enough time in your production schedule to get this right.


Wanna see more ideas?

There are loads and loads of great ways to make a video these days. To see more, check out our list of awesome explainer video examples. While you’re at it, check out our article about different types of characters in explainer videos.

Ok so you’ve come to the end of our article on cute animated videos. Nothing more to see here 🙂