Making a VR Video

Making a VR Video for Your Brand

  Making a VR video has to be one of the funnest (it’s a word in the Metaverse, look it up 😉 ) things we’ve done in a while! With the talk about content for the metaverse doing the rounds, everyone wants to know more about it, including us! So we decided to make a … Continued

Explainer Videos for Real Estate Tech

Explainer Videos for Real Estate Tech

Proptech is shaking up the real estate sector. Not just with innovative products but also with new ways of marketing… like super-sharp video content! In this article, we share a few style examples for explainer videos in the real estate tech sector. In the hope that they give you some ideas for your own marketing. … Continued

Short-Form Video Content

Short-Form Video Content: Ideas and Examples

If content is king, then short-form video is the queen calling the shots! By short-form, we mean videos of 5-sec to 30-sec duration. These super-sharp videos have plenty of benefits and uses in your marketing plan. Here are a few uses and benefits of short-form content: Grabs attention instantly Use in paid media to get … Continued

Video Marketing Content

Video Marketing Content Package

If you want to create more video marketing content for your marketing arsenal, but you’re not quite sure what… we can help! Introducing a 12-month video marketing content package from Piehole.TV! All you need to decide is what your budget is, and loose objectives then we can tailor a plan for you, and brainstorm ideas. You’ve got … Continued