28 Types of Videos in Marketing (with examples)

Types of Marketing Videos
Raising awareness for your brand, increasing inquiries, and boosting sales. Above all, this is what every business strives for. But how exactly do you do this? Well, we have a little lightbulb moment for you… Thing is, there are different types of videos in marketing. One for every stage of the sales funnel, to be exact! Let’s recap the different stages of the sales funnel, below:

  • 1. Lead Generation: bring more people to your website
  • 2. Lead Nurture: get them to sign up for a trial / demo
  • 3. Sales: convince them that your product is the right fit

Now that you are up to speed on the sales funnel, let’s see how video helps you in the different stages. Below are 28 types of videos in marketing for every stage of the sales funnel:

1. Explainer Videos

Firstly, good old, classic explainer videos! Below are a few uses for explainer videos:

  • Makes complex products and ideas easier to understand
  • Retains viewer attention much longer than the written word
  • Helps convince your leads to move down the sales funnel much quicker

For example:


2. Software Demo Videos

Help your potential clients achieve success with your SaaS product. These videos are used for:

  • Onboarding
  • Lowering churn
  • Reducing customer support inquiries

Have a look at the below software demo video:


3. Advertising Videos

Video ads, also known as promos, are short, sharp, and sell-y videos used online or on TV. They can also be used for:

  • YouTube, social media, television, and/or other video ad spaces
  • Driving traffic
  • Making short videos that can’t be skipped

Here’s a short, punchy video that is sure to grab your attention. And an added bonus, it’s only 6 seconds long, which means it can’t be skipped:


4. Product Visualization Videos

Show off each of your products and all their amazing features. Product visualization videos are used to:

  • Convince leads to move down the sales funnel quicker
  • Demonstrate products
  • Increase conversion

For instance, here’s a product video that uses 3D animation as the style:


5. Conference / Exhibition Videos

Do you have an exhibition at an upcoming conference? Well, then you need a video playing on a loop! Here are some uses for conference videos:

  • Grabbing attention
  • Works on silent in a busy environment
  • Reaches people you can’t personally talk to at conferences

Below is an example:


6. Email Marketing Videos

Did you know that using the word “video” in your subject line increases your open rate? More specifically, email marketing videos are great for:

  • Increasing engagement
  • Boosting open rates
  • Boosting conversion

Any video can be an email marketing video. Usually, this depends on the campaign you are running at the moment.


7. Live Action Case Study Videos

Yes, we do filming too! Show how you’ve helped real businesses with your product, by investing in a case study video. With this in mind, case study video uses include:

  • Targeting each of your segments
  • Sales collateral
  • Conversion tool

Here’s an example of a case study video we created:


8. Product Release Videos

Get people hyped about a new product, and bring in those leads! They are used for:

  • Communicating new products
  • Building awareness
  • Lead generation

We created the video below to introduce our customer’s amazing new product.


9. Company Culture Videos

Let people know how cool your company is. These videos are used for:

  • Recruiting
  • Building brand awareness and trust
  • Reinforcing your company’s identity with staff

Below is an example of a company culture video that shows the client’s diversity and inclusion efforts amongst its staff.


10. Interactive Videos

Animation that you can actually interact with! Interactive animation and metaverse content is great for:

  • Web-based marketing and training experiences
  • 3D visualization of products
  • Virtual tours

Watch the below video to get more of an overview of interactive animation:


11. Brand Storytelling Videos

Give your brand that feel-good factor! Brand videos are used for:

  • Strengthening brand affinity
  • Building brand awareness
  • Creating/promoting your company culture

The 3D video below is a great example of a brand storytelling video.


12. Interview Videos

Film experts or important people, like CEO’s for example. This adds authenticity to your message and video as a whole. These videos are used for:

  • Expert interviews
  • Conveying important messages
  • Conversion tool

Watch the below video of Tagup’s CEO, Jon Garrity, talking about their product, to see an example of an interview video:


13. Content Marketing Videos

Make educational videos about topics that people are interested in. Uses for content videos include:

  • Driving traffic to your website
  • Lead generation
  • Building an audience on social media

This ‘How Soap Works’ video below is a good example of a content marketing video:


14. Full Product Walkthrough Videos

A product walkthrough video is a detailed video that gives potential clients a tour of your product. They are used for:

  • Engaging with sales prospects
  • Conversion tool
  • Substitute or enhancement to an in-person demo

Below is an example of a full product walkthrough:


15. Testimonial Videos

Turn existing testimonials into filmed or animated testimonials. Uses include:

  • Building trust on your website
  • Pitches
  • Sales collateral

Our friends over at YFY Jupiter and JPG went on camera to help us create the below testimonial video:


16. Investment / Fundraising Videos

Get your foot in the door with investors. Investment videos are used for:

  • Crowd-funding websites
  • Cold emailing your marketing to potential investors
  • Maximizing your potential investor meetings

This video was created to help our client with their very successful UK crowdfunding campaign:


17. Sales Videos

They do what it says on the tin… helping with sales! Sales videos are used for:

  • Collateral for your sales team
  • Getting in with cold/lukewarm leads
  • Scaling your sales operations
  • Putting your winning message across every time

We created Irish Life’s sales video using animation and photography. Then we combined it with actual footage of their salespeople! Have a look at it below:


18. Customer Story Videos

Show your customer’s journey by telling their story. These are used for:

  • Conversion tool
  • Brand awareness
  • Social media content

A great example of a customer story video is Cortnie’s journey with The Jewish Board, which you can view below:


19. FAQ Videos

Answer the questions everyone keeps asking. Uses for FAQ videos include:

  • Helping customers who prefer to ‘self-service’
  • Increasing sales conversion
  • Reducing call center traffic and support ticket issues

Here’s an example of a video answering the questions ‘why’ and ‘how’:


20. Pricing Page Videos

Make a short video of your pricing options to send to qualified leads, and stick it on your pricing page. They are used for:

  • SaaS products that want customers to self-serve and click “buy”
  • Removing barriers to customers buying
  • Boosting conversion rates on sales pages

Here’s an example of a video we created showing pricing information:


21. Translated Videos

Expand your reach into foreign markets. These are used for:

  • Foreign language landing pages
  • Sales material/pitches
  • Launching in new territories

We created the below video in English and German, to be used in different parts of the world:


22. Event Videos

Are you hosting a big event? Send a video with event critical info to attendees. Event videos are used for:

  • Maximizing the impact of your event
  • Building excitement
  • FAQ’s

Here’s an example of an event video used to build excitement:


23. Infographic Videos

Go ahead and put the fun back into facts! These informative, yet creative, videos are used for:

  • Conveying facts and figures
  • Presenting information in bite-size chunks
  • Making stats interesting
  • Driving traffic

Check out this video marketing statistics video we created based on a survey we did with our clients:


24. Promo Gifs

Short, looping graphics to get various messages across. Some benefits and uses are:

  • Lead generation
  • Driving traffic from social media
  • Sales collateral

Below is an example of a promo gif that we created:


25. Occasion Videos

Engage with your audience on different occasions. Some uses and benefits include:

  • Video holiday cards
  • Customer engagement
  • Relationship marketing

We loved working on the below 3D Christmas card! It was used as a virtual holiday greeting. You can check it out below:


26. Presentation Videos

Wow everyone with your presentation and brings in those leads. Presentation videos are used for:

  • New biz pitching
  • Gala events and fundraisers
  • Important internal presentations

We created this video for MMEG, which they presented at a charity gala they hosted:


27. Tutorial / Training Videos

Because watching a video is easier than reading the manual. Generally, these videos are used for:

  • Simplifying the user experience
  • Keeping users engaged
  • Onboarding

Here is an example of a tutorial video we created:


28. Internal Company Communication

Get the whole company on the same page about a certain topic. Internal company videos are great for:

  • Communicating company changes or events
  • Motivating your team
  • Training team members on new processes

The video below is a great example of this:


So What Now?

As you can see, there are so many types of marketing videos out there. Now that you know about some of them, it’s equally important to think about the style as well. Have a look at the most comprehensive list of explainer video style examples on the planet (that we know of anyway). Let us know which is your favorite!

Ready to start on your next company video? Then get in touch with us. We would love to hear what you have in mind. Even more if it’s about video 🙂