Metaverse Content

Promotional videos, avatars, 3D environments and other artwork.

Do you have a product in a metaverse-related sector? Or are you creating a virtual space for your company? Team Pie can help! We offer a full production service for branded metaverse content.


We work with clients who are creating the infrastructure of the future metaverse in areas such as VR/AR, Web 3.0, online worlds, gaming, and related technical services. We also work with companies who just want to promote themselves in new and interesting ways, e.g. by making virtual spaces, interactive experiences, virtual conferences, and more.


With our in-house team of writers, artists, and animators we are able to tackle small or large projects at scale. Our offering includes: :

  • Promotional Videos
  • Avatars & Character Design
  • Artwork for 3D Environments
  • Adverts for Social or TV
  • Animations
  • Interactive 3D Models
  • WebGL/HTML5 Experiences
  • Motion Capture (Mocap)
  • Branded Online Spaces


All our work is custom-quoted depending on the scale and complexity of the work. We work with smaller engagements or larger retainers depending on your needs. Timelines range from a few days to several weeks or months for larger projects.

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