Short-Form Video Content: Ideas and Examples

If content is king, then short-form video is the queen calling the shots! By short-form, we mean videos of 5-sec to 30-sec duration. These super-sharp videos have plenty of benefits and uses in your marketing plan.

Here are a few uses and benefits of short-form content:

    • Grabs attention instantly
    • Use in paid media to get clicks to website or leads
    • Promote your biz on social media
    • Memorable and fun if done right
    • Get a single, simple message across
    • Highest ROI of any social media marketing strategy


Short-Form Video Ideas

Most people tend to think of short-form videos as adverts. Which they are… But they are also so much more and they can be used for most stages of the sales funnel. Below are a few ideas on where and how to use short videos:


Short Video Ads

These snappy, impactful videos of 10 seconds or less, are designed to grab viewers’ attention really quickly. Video ads can be used on various platforms, such as YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and most social platforms!


Single Feature Video

Typically these will be shorter videos highlighting a single feature f your product. For example by creating one long video about your entire offering, and creating multiple cutdowns of specific sections/features of your offering. Below is an example of a single feature video, highlighting our client’s distribution features:


Promotional Gifs

Catch the attention of potential clients with a promotional gif! No matter the type of promotion you are thinking of running, a gif is a great way of getting this message across to potential clients. Below is an example of a promotion we ran previously on Halloween.
Short-Form Video Content


Sales/Email Gifs

Cute, looping animations that you can use as part of your emails, or social campaigns.
Short-Form Video Content


Social Media Videos

Helping you cut through the clutter of social media. Take it even further by adding subtitles, since 85% of Facebook visitors view videos on silent.


Logo Animation

A fun and quick way of showing off your branding assets!


Video Teasers

These are shorter versions of your full video, which you can release ahead of your big event or product release date. This can also be used as a lead capture tool, to encourage people to signup for the full video’s release.


Short-Form Video Content Savings Tip

Creating valuable video content is a big commitment – financially and time-wise! Well, we have a little tip on how to ‘save’ money and time when it comes to video marketing and short-form video content in general. Brief them at the same time! By creating sets of videos, you can invest in the first video and reuse assets for all subsequent videos. It’s as easy as that! Below is an example of where we created a longer initial video, and cut it down to be used on social media:


Do I Need Short-Form Video Content?

Well, if you want to reach leads on various platforms with various pieces of content, then yes! We can even create a short-form video content package for you, tailored towards whatever needs you have! Get in touch, we would love to talk about ideas for your next video campaign!