Piehole in San Francisco

Piehole.TV is in San Francisco!

On Thanksgiving 2019, our new marketing exec, Lyndsey, flew from Dublin, Ireland to the USA. Why? Well, to join our clients in the golden city of San Francisco. Since Piehole.TV first began, San Francisco has been one of the company’s main markets. With many animated and live-action explainer videos being created for a range of … Continued

animals video

Animated Animals in Videos

Everybody loves animals, animal videos, and animated animal IN videos! Right? So in honor of World Animal day, we wanted to share some pics of adorable wet-nosed / fluffy-faced creatures we’ve had around our office (yes, we love them so much we sometimes bring them to work), and also show some designs we’ve made over … Continued

Frame by Frame Animation

Frame by Frame Animation in Explainer Videos

Frame by frame animation is a type of animation used to make “flow-y” types of movement (to put it not-so-technically). Ultimately, to make motion look more realistic in many cases. In frame by frame animation, the artwork is drawn individually per frame. It’s also referred to as “traditional animation” or “cel” animation. It’s very time-consuming … Continued

Nerd Academy staff working

The Nerd Academy

In 2018 we launched the Nerd Academy with our friends at ProcurementExpress.com. Essentially, it’s a free initiative to teach unemployed people how to pitch for (and win) work online. It’s based in Somerset East, South Africa, which has a shockingly high unemployment rate of 45%. Currently, a lot of smart, hard-working people struggle to afford … Continued