Piehole.TV tech hub

Piehole.TV Tech Hub: Our New Office

Ok, so we’ve been working away on a grand project for a few months now, the Piehole.TV Tech Hub. And it’s finally complete! We have renovated a big building in the middle of nowhere (Somerset East, in rural South Africa). It has space for up to 100 people and we call it the tech hub. … Continued

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Explainer Video Case Study: Coolfront

Coolfront’s videos are their #1 marketing asset. In this explainer video case study we will tell you how we worked with them to create their videos.   The Client Coolfront helps service businesses run more efficiently with tools for pricing and managing agreements. For example, their pricing app helps plumbing, electrical, and HVAC technicians to … Continued

cut-out animation

Cut-out Animation: Is it Cut Out for you?

Cut-out animation is making a comeback! This animated video style is an engaging, fun style of stop-motion video that uses photos and illustrations. Traditionally, these videos were made by taking photos of physical card-board images and moving them around by hand. These days that may still be done! But more usually digital images are used … Continued

Sales video

Sales Video Anatomy

A good sales video is a powerful tool! It can help your sales staff get more appointments and close more deals. Ultimately helping them reach their sales targets. The great thing about video is that you control the message – you get to make your winning sales pitch every time! In this article, we’ll do … Continued