Brand Storytelling Videos

We all love a good story… and video is the perfect way to tell one! Brand storytelling videos evoke some feel-good emotions in your viewers and grab attention in an age where people are wary of being sold to. As an example check out our below video.



What are Brand Storytelling Videos?

They are videos that tell a (usually emotional) story about a cause or concept related to a brand. Ok but…

…how is this different from a normal company explainer video?

Brand storytelling videos are more about telling an interesting story than being too sales-y. The goal isn’t to ram home the benefits or features of your products but to tell a story that resonates with viewers and gets them to like you more. A good storytelling video will tie into the values or a key feature of your brand. For example, in our video above the client had a real obsession with quality and standards, and we wanted to get that across in an informal way.


How to make one?

A brand story video can be made in many different styles, e.g. live action or any of the huge range of 2D and illustration approaches available. The key is a good script and our approach is to spend time exploring a number of concepts as an early stage to scripting.


How much do they Cost?

It depends totally on the nature of the video. A lot of company videos are becoming more like mini-movies, and those types of productions involve whole animation teams and film crews and can run $20k-$50k. Obviously not everyone can or wants to drop that kind of dough, so most budgets run substantially lower than that. A great story stays a great story after all,