The SAAS Video Marketing Funnel

If you’re a SAAS company, you may have thought about how video can help you in the different parts of your marketing. Well, enter the SAAS video marketing funnel! The so-called marketing or sales funnel is a concept that’s been around for a long time, since the days of St Elmo Lewis way back in 1898. It’s basically this idea that buyers go through different stages of a journey before buying. Therefore you should tailor your communication to where your buyer is in that process. If they’re still researching a problem they’d be interested in different information than if they’re actively comparing alternatives. It’s common sense really… to tell people what’s relevant to them!

So how can video help your SAAS company with that? We’ve created this handy video to tell you how. We have split the funnel into 3 parts: (1) Traffic generation, (2) Website conversion, and (3) Sales.


1. Traffic Generation

These are the videos that drive visitors to your website. Here are 3 types of videos in this category.

Video Adverts
Whether they’re 6 seconds long, or 60 seconds, these are paid-for video ads for platforms like YouTube, Google search, and other social channels.

Content Marketing Videos
These videos are usually educational in nature and address topics that your audience might be researching in the early stages of their buying process. The goal is for this content to be ranked on search engines or Youtube so you can entice relevant traffic to your website and establish yourself as a credible authority. We created this video to show you 11 Video Ideas for Content Marketing.

Social Videos
Social videos are used on social media channels like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and more. These can take many forms and can for example be teasers to pieces of content, or interesting videos to stand out from the crowd and appeal to your audience.


2. Website Conversion

These are the videos that convert website visitors into an inquiry, demos, or a trial.

Company Overview or Product Videos
This is the classic “explainer video”. These videos are typically 60 – 90 seconds long and explain your value proposition clearly. Here’s an example.

Testimonial Videos
Customer testimonials are a great way to build trust. By showing a real customer experience with your product you can help remove any lingering doubts and make your audience more comfortable with your product.


3. Sales

These are the videos that help you turn inquiries or trial subscribers into paying customers.

Full Product Walkthroughs
This is a more detailed run-through of your product. These videos are great if you can’t do an in-person demo or if you want to email it to people prior to a meeting. These videos also help if your prospect needs to get buy-in from other people in the company. We love walkthrough videos so much, we created a whole post about them, which you can read here.

Videos about Specific Features
Certain features might be more important to certain customers. In these videos, you can go into more detail about these. These types of videos can also be used as a website conversion tool.

Case Study Videos
A.k.a the BIG GUNS! Case study videos are an amazing tool if you’re struggling to convert your lead into a sale. These videos will show how your clients have achieved success with your product. They can be even more powerful if you show a case study video of a client operating in the same industry vertical as your lead.


SAAS Product Videos: Where to Next?

The #1 issue that many SAAS companies face is getting more inbound traffic. They’ve got the art and science of conversion down fairly well but reaching new people is tricky and expensive. A traditional company explainer video is a great conversion-rate tool but video is increasingly being used across the sales funnel and we think SAAS companies will catch on to that. For example, they may increasingly use mini-product videos to grab eyeballs or videos built around a content marketing type of narrative (i.e. speaking about customer needs and demonstrating live how their product solves them).