Video Ads for Youtube, Facebook, Instagram

So you want to make some video ads for YouTube, Facebook, or other platforms, but you need a few ideas? In this article, we’ll show a few examples and give some tips! This will help you nail your production and get more bang for your buck.


Video Ads Creative Formats

The creative options are endless when making video ads. Broadly speaking, you can use filmed footage or animation, which may, for example, be combined with photography or even 3D models. The most important element is the scripting, but we’ll get into that later. Firstly, let’s dive into a few ideas:


Animation has the advantage that it’s more affordable than live action and it’s great for explaining conceptual or complicated ideas quickly. Have a look at some ideas, below:

This example below was created in 3D animation.

It’s also possible to create a style using your photography. That could be useful if you have a physical product, or if you just think it matches your brand styling better. This video below is one ad in a series of adverts we made for YouTube.

Here’s another example using a motion graphic style.


Live Action:

Filming can get expensive but there are ways to reduce costs such as simplifying a shoot or avoiding filming altogether by using stock footage. Here’s an example of a Facebook video ad we made.


Mobile-friendly Adverts

If your adverts are for the mobile view, then it’s helpful to create them in portrait view (see below). From a production standpoint, the artwork needs to be reworked to fit in this format so make sure that you inform your video creator beforehand.


Scripting for Video Ads

It may sound obvious but it’s extremely important to nail down exactly who your audience for the video is and what you want the video to achieve. For example to tell your viewers about your brand, or to get clicks? You need this info down to very specific details. This will impact your messaging a lot, e.g. if the viewer already knows who you are, such as in the case of re-targeting campaigns, then your approach will be a lot different. Whatever the case, you don’t have much time to keep the client’s attention so you need to get straight in there and give them a relevant or interesting message straight away. In the case of Instagram video ads, where the user scrolls down a feed, you need to be quick and get attention within the first second even.

How much do video adverts cost to make?

The costs can vary a lot depending on what you’re making and who’s making it for you. If you go out and get quotes you’ll see values ranging from $1k – $20k for animation and $10k – $100k for live action. Look at that even closer and you’ll find that a professionally-executed piece will cost you from $3k upwards for animation and $20k upwards for live action.

But here’s a hot tip…

You can make big savings if you create your video advert(s) as part of a bigger production such as a company overview video. You’ll also save if you create more adverts. The reason is that you’ll be re-using existing styling/assets and your creator can also negotiate discounts on other factors such as voiceover and sound design. Making several adverts is often a good idea anyway. Experienced marketers like to test different combinations of adverts and audiences, especially when it comes to Facebook ads. Below is an example of a short video ad of 20 seconds, and that same video ad even shorter, 6 seconds:

Here are the cost factors involved in making video ads:

  1. scripting
  2. animation and editing
  3. filming/stock-footage
  4. voiceover
  5. sound design

Making a slick-looking ad takes more time than you might think and so you should be prepared to pay more for a better advert.



Making video ads for Youtube, Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram, etc. can be an awesome way to promote your brand! If you’re smart about the production you can get a better creative result for your spend. We hope this article has provided a few ideas.