Product Explainer Videos for Crypto and Blockchain

Having a great-looking explainer video is considered a must-have by many marketers in the blockchain and cryptocurrency space. In this article, we’ll share some ideas on how you can create cryptocurrency and blockchain explainer videos. Here at Piehole.TV we regularly make videos in the crypto space and we’ve included some examples below as part of the discussion.

Explainer Videos for Blockchain and Cryptocurrency

Explainer Video Ideas for Crypto and Blockchain

When it comes to creating a video for blockchain, or any industry really, there are many possible creative approaches and below are a few ideas.

1. Character Stories

Character animation is a classic explainer video style that many businesses opt for when creating their video. You can create whatever type of character you like (people, objects, animals – even sea creatures, like in the below example!), to show off your product.


2. Footage with Animation

Here you are combining footage or images with animation. Making explainer videos with stock footage is a great way to get a “real-life” look without busting through your budget on a big film shoot.


3. 2D Animation

Here your video and it’s artwork is created in a two-dimensional space. 2D animation gives you the freedom to experiment with your visuals, whether you’re using character, or motion graphics, and is a more affordable animation style when compared to 3D animation. Below is an example of 2D animation, using characters:


4. 3D Animation

There’s just something about 3D animation, it adds more range of movement to your designs, making your video more visually engaging. Below is an example of a video that uses 3D animation:


5. Screen Demo Videos

With a demo video, you can show your customers or potential customers how to use your product. Whether it’s a demo of a software product or a demo of a physical product, demo videos are a fantastic way to explain how your product works when you can’t do so in person. Below is an example of a demo video:


6. Demo-by-Hand

Like a demo video, but here you have an actual or animated hand taking you through every step of your product, guiding you through all the steps.


7. Typography and Icons

When done right, typography or icons can be a super engaging option for your explainer video. The video below was created using typography and icons, to explain their product. The visuals are clear, ensuring that the viewer’s attention is directed to the elements that are on the screen:


8. Content Marketing Videos

Content marketing videos are created specifically to help bring potential customers to your website. They can be in the form of ‘FAQ’s’, ‘How To’s’ and even ‘Step-by-Step Instructional’ videos. We made the below content video to answer a few of the most frequently asked questions surrounding cryptocurrency:


Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Explainer Video Producers and Pricing

A quick Google search will result in countless explainer video producers, so you’ll have to be more specific when you select your ideal production partner. Try to find a company that is already familiar with cryptocurrency and blockchain explainer videos and that can provide you with a few examples of videos they’ve created in this space. It’s always an advantage if a video production company already has scriptwriters that are familiar with your product.

As for the price of your explainer video, some crypto companies are dropping big money when it comes to creating their explainer video! But you can still compete with these big names in terms of video effectiveness. How? By creating a high-quality script with good quality animation!

Two important factors impacting the price of your explainer video are:

  • Style/Sophistication of video
  • Length of video

If you’ve done some research you’ll notice that pricing varies very widely depending on studio. A typical duration for an overview video is 60-90s for reasons of being succinct but also for cost saving and to maximize production quality (creating animation is time consuming and time = money). Styles based on 3D animation or frame-by-frame 2D animation are also more complex and more costly. But you don’t have to figure this out all on your own. Contact Piehole.TV, we can help you with every aspect of your video, from start (concepts) all the way over the finish line (final explainer video). Get in touch and let’s chat about ideas.