Communicating your Value Proposition using Video – A Project Breakdown

In this article we’ll show a mini case study, showing the steps of how a video was created from start to finish, where the goal was to communicate the client’s value proposition using video effectively.

The Brief

Moonbeam wanted to get people hyped about the evolution of blockchain technology and how their platform strategically removes frustrating smart contract obstacles by ensuring easy compatibility in the Ethereum environment. The client mentioned that they often use the analogy of comparing blockchain environments to cities, to convey their message.


Lee-Anne, one of our veteran scriptwriters loved the concept of creating different cityscapes to represent different blockchains, especially because she believed this analogue could make a complex topic such as this easier to comprehend and grasp. She and the client agreed that the script should not bury the value proposition under a layer of technical jargon. After a few revision rounds with the client, we were ready to proceed.

value proposition using video script screencast


We were looking for someone whose voice was professional but also fun, down-to-earth, and even a little ‘nerdy’. We did a casting and presented options to the client. The artist chosen was Hannah Laurel who executed the recording with a tone that matched our client’s brand identity.


We got going to create the initial style frames. This was our first round:

Although we were pretty close, some aspects still needed a bit of work. Firstly, we wanted to ensure we had the client’s vibrant brand colors spot on, and secondly, we needed to iron out the scale and camera perspective of different scenes. The Moonbeam City needed to be bigger to showcase the impact its benefits have on blockchain environments. Here is a portion of the final graphic storyboard:

value proposition using video Moonbeam style frame examples

Graphics and Sound

We fleshed out the full storyboard carefully using the client’s vibrant brand colors. At the same time, we searched for a soundtrack that was fun but also felt contemporary, fresh, and modern to suit their innovative solution.


Since the scenes were mostly set in one continuous environment, we elevated the animation using both 2D and elements of 3D animation to really bring their technology to life. We specifically focused on the constant and effortless flow of crypto coins throughout the animation to emphasize how their platform removes congestion.

We presented to the client and after a few small edits, we submitted our final render and sent it off! What do you think of the final result?


This is an example of how video can remove all the noise of complexity, so the audience can hone in on the value proposition. And for us in this case it was great to be part of the exciting evolution of blockchain! You can view more of our financial explainer video examples here.