The Nerd Academy

In 2018 we launched the Nerd Academy with our friends at Essentially, it’s a free initiative to teach unemployed people how to pitch for (and win) work online. It’s based in Somerset East, South Africa, which has a shockingly high unemployment rate of 45%. Currently, a lot of smart, hard-working people struggle to afford a university education. Therefore, this program teaches them the skills to earn a living.

This video below was created by the nerds themselves and tells you a bit more about the initiative.


The Pitch to You:

For $10/hr, you can hire a nerd for tasks like administrative duties, marketing support, cold calling, LinkedIn outreach, IT assistance, and much more. Hire a nerd today on Upwork, or make contact through


Some more Background

Every night, as our team is getting ready to leave for home, the office comes alive as the nerds from Nerd Academy arrive to share our office space. There’s a buzz of activity as they hold training sessions, discuss projects, and receive hands-on help to pitch for work and help their clients.
Nerd Academy staff working

Many of the nerds work with international clients and some have found permanent employment as a result of the initiative.

Nerd academy team sitting in office


Future Plans

We want to expand the program by training more people and rolling it out to other towns. You can help by hiring a nerd… not out of charity but because they offer great value for money! Hire a nerd through their Upwork profile, or make contact through