Hip Hip Hooray, Piehole.TV is 10 years old

Piehole.TV recently celebrated our big 1-0! Our team has been absolute superstars during the last 2 weird years, and we wanted to do something to make them feel special. Since our curve was flat (at the time), we decided to do it in style and party like it’s 2019.

Below are some photos from the celebrations:

Piehole team members collage from the party



Below is a super quick history lesson to discover exactly what 10 years in the life of Piehole.TV has been like:



Piehole.TV started out in 2011 when Priscilla was part of a startup program, StartUp Chile, with her voiceover marketplace startup (which was called Piehole). Explainer videos had just started becoming a “thing” and using her writing background she started writing scripts for some of the other founders in the program. Things took off and the name Piehole stuck.



Priscilla’s brother George joined the scene and Piehole.TV operations moved to South Africa. The team first worked out of Priscilla’s dining room (note: a baby chair in the background), with one in-house producer and animator (before that we were mainly doing project-based animations with freelancers). Then we moved to “the cabbage patch”, which smelled like cabbage because it was next to a restaurant pub.

Old cabbage patch office and dining table area



We renovated an old warehouse to create a decent office… Below is a video showing the making of the tech hub:



Piehole.TV registered as a USA LLC. (We had originally been incorporated in the UK)
Gif with Piehole.TV's announcement of registering as a US company


The Future

Today we’re 10 years old and have 38 awesome team members. We’ll be expanding our HQ in the coming year, to join our warehouse to the big building next door and connect them with a field of coffee…Mmmmm. We have also built up a 3D interactive team to create metaverse spaces as well as cool interactive animations. Below are some of the architect’s plans:

Collage with digital images of Piehole future office


Watch this space as we grow!