Our New Office, a.k.a the “Tech Hub”

Ok so we’ve been working away on a grand project for a few months now. And it’s finally complete! We have renovated a big building in the middle of nowhere (Somerset East, in rural South Africa). It has space for up to 100 people and we call it the tech hub.

Um, but why exactly would we open an office out here?

That counts as a “logical” question and we’re just not into that. We have access to giraffes Ok? We didn’t do it alone though. Our partners in the whole thing are ProcurementExpress.com, a snazzy tech outfit who are your go-to people if you’re looking to control purchasing. Moving on… here are some photos. Cool view huh?

View from Piehole Office


Inside of Piehole.TV office


Where is Piehole.TV based?

We get asked that a lot so let’s clarify it here. We are a US registered company with our creative hub in South Africa. Piehole.TV serves mostly US customers. We also have some presence in San Francisco through our filming partners.


The Grand Opening of our Tech Hub

Our founder Priscilla gave a rousing speech at the opening party. We had cleverly provided enough wine to guarantee a good response.

Piehole.TV founder Priscilla
Here’s James from ProcurementExpress.com. Those guys always look so good in their suits.



What’s inside our Tech Hub?

How do we stack up against San Francisco startups with their swanky office and outlandish perks? Well, we blow them out the water with regard to easy access to (aforementioned) giraffes and barbecue grills per square mile. As for the rest, well we tried our best. We have a cool kitchen with espresso machine, popcorn maker, private cinema (hence the popcorn machine), table tennis table, basketball hoop and a patio for sipping drinks. And you can walk to work and ride a lot of mountain bike.
Where we eat at Piehole.TV


We have this wall with world clocks. Everybody say woop for Somerset East.
Somerset East, tech titan of the future?
Here’s the cinema. It’s the only one within a 150 mile radius so for us it’s kind of a big deal Ok.
Our private cinema at Piehole.TV
To prevent our team feeling isolated we added this handy New York skyline. You know, like in New York they have offices showing trees and the outdoors.
New York skyline in Piehole.TV office


Wanna Visit?

So that concludes the little tour of our office. All Piehole customers are invited to spend time with us. Really, come make your video(s) here with us or just hang out. We have desks available and space in the fridge for your beer. Or sparkling water or whatever. Not for soy milk though. You don’t get that out here.