12 Kickass Ways to get More Leads with Video

Video marketing can be a great way to get more leads. Some 70% of marketing professionals say that video converts better than any other medium. But how exactly do you go about it? What are some of the ways that video can video can be used?
Ways to use video to get leads

1. Get an Explainer Video

This is a company overview that explains your product in a nutshell. Explainer videos are great for increasing your website conversion rate and for marketing in general. Below are two examples.




2. Make a Testimonial Video

Real customers saying great things about you… it’s powerful stuff. It’s a form of social proof and it really works. They are also useful because they answer many questions that customers may themselves have. Testimonial videos help you get more leads by building trust and we’re a big believer in them.


3. Empower your Salespeople

Use video before, after and during a sales meeting. Show your video at conferences. Make tailored videos for each of your salespeople (for example see the below video).


4. Show off your Product

A product video is a great way to show off the benefits and features of your product. There are different types of product videos.For example, if your product is physical and you’re in the retail business then a good way to do this is through a filmed video, e.g. with a presenter demonstrating the product in use.


5. Online Video Adverts

This is an ad to drive people to your website. It’s not really ideal to use your company overview video as an advert. The reason is that people respond better to short targeted videos if they’re out browsing or on social media. A video ad is kinda more like a TV ad because you’re hitting the audience cold and they know nothing about you yet.


6. Social Video

A shareable video to be published on social media. These videos are not necessarily overtly sales-focused as the goal is to get shared with others. The video may be short (e.g. 5 seconds) or long. A key consideration is often that it needs to work when playing silently on auto-play in a user’s feed.


7. Turn Blogs into Videos

We all know that content marketing is a way to generate inbound traffic and get more leads. Turn your best-performing blogs into videos and use them to get traffic off Youtube. They also increase dwell-time on your blog and are nice and convenient for viewers (good for SEO). Here’s an example we made for our friends at Coolfront below.


8. Company Culture Video

Use this type of video to reinforce your company culture, to help with recruitment and build trust with customers.


9. Translated Videos

Translating your videos is a way to reach new markets. It’s sensible to do this in conjunction with other efforts, such as foreign language landing pages or sales collateral. This is a good way to make more out of your existing investment into video. See our article here about making a translated video.


10. Video in Email

The benefits of using video in email are well known. Just having the word “video” in your subject line can increase your open rate. Embedding videos in your email increases engagement with your email.


11. Onboarding Video

A video to get new customers started when using your product. This can be helpful if you have a high product churn rate or want to convert customers from a low price entry point to a higher rate.


12. Tutorial Videos

This is more of a subtle one. By teaching users about your products you keep them engaged and buying. It’s also a way to reduce your customer service wage bill.


Hot Tip #1: Go where your Audience is

We are a strong believer that the best place to start with video marketing is to upgrade your existing efforts first. Take a look at where you are already getting leads from and improve that with video. Make video for an existing audience… that way you know it will get watched! For example, if your business reaches people mainly through organic web traffic then a website explainer video can be a good option. If you reach your audience on social media then short social media clips may be right for you.


Hot Tip #2: Look at your Sales Funnel

Where is the weak point in your “funnel”? What are some of the common questions you get about your products and where in the process are you missing opportunities? Deploying video at the right place can work wonders. Do you get lots of inbound leads but struggle to convert them? A strong testimonial or sales video may be helpful here. Are people leaving your product pages without buying? A well-placed product video could be helpful. Do you struggle to convert trial users into paying users? An onboarding video may help.


What Styles Work Best?

There’s no hard and fast rule and it depends on your brand identity. Have a look at our ultimate list of explainer video styles to get some ideas.


Get More Leads… Now!

Video marketing is a field that’s growing very quickly and the opportunity is big for clever marketers. Are you considering an investment into video but need more information? Get in touch with us and let’s talk.