10 Ideas For Your Fintech Marketing Video

Getting an explainer video is a great fintech marketing tool and a fantastic way to promote your fintech product. But finding good ideas and examples for the video can be tough! That’s why we made this article. Below we’ll share some ideas for your own video including examples and information about production. Let’s kick things off…

Fintech Marketing


10 Fintech Explainer Video Examples

There are many types of marketing videos to consider. For the purpose of this post, we’ll focus mainly on styling considerations.


1. Futuristic Feel

In the below video, we created a surreal, space-themed aesthetic for the client’s product. The video uses 2D animation combined with some 3D elements.


2. Techy Screens

If you want your software screens to be the hero of the video then why not show them on dynamic devices or screens using 3D animation!


3. Characters, Shapes, and Cool Transitions

Using characters is a great way to add emotion to your video. In the below video, we combine a character with screens and shapes, tying it together with smooth transitions between scenes.


4. Footage With 3D Animation

If you want a more real-life feel then one option is to combine footage with animation. It’s possible to use either stock footage or to get the footage filmed.


5. Vibrant Worlds

In the below video, we created a vibrant, fantasy world for our client’s product.


6. Isometric

Below is a video we created using a style called isometric, or 2.5d, animation. This refers to a form of video where the scenes are viewed from above and to the side.


7. Professional but Casual

In this video the style is more corporate, giving a trustworthy feel, but without being too stiff or formal.


8. Real People With a Little Bit of Animation

If you’re not looking for full animation and want something a little more life-like, using footage of real people could be the answer for you. As mentioned previously, it’s possible to film this footage or to use stock footage. In the video, we’ve used motion graphics over the footage including some app screen popups. The main focus was to show how the user can interact with the product.


9. Emotive Character Animation

Here we have an example of an emotive storytelling video using characters and motion graphics. You’ll also notice floating icons and even some app screens!


10. Hand-painted

In this video, we used a hand-painted look. The characters are illustrations but are not cartoon-like. The body dimensions and facial features are more realistic compared to a real human.


Fintech Marketing Video Pricing

Finally, the pricing of your video heavily depends on the style and length of your video. For example, looking at nr. 5 on the list, it is heavy in 3D animation which is more time-consuming to make than a professional 2D animated video like nr. 3. Tell us about your goals and vision for your video and we’ll quote you!


Fintech Video Production

Look for video production partners who actually have experience with fintech and creating marketing videos about complex products. Always ask potential partners:

  • About their experience in fintech
  • How they will bring fresh, modern ideas (to your fresh, modern product)
  • For examples of relevant videos from their portfolio.

This way you have a clear idea about whether they can help you achieve your goals. As for the actual timeline, it typically takes 7-12 weeks to create a fintech explainer video depending on duration, style, and feedback rounds. But don’t worry! If you’re crunched for time, we also offer express services to help you get your video quicker! Speak to us about your requirements 🙂