Explainer Videos for Real Estate Tech

Explainer Videos for Real Estate Tech
Proptech is shaking up the real estate sector. Not just with innovative products but also with new ways of marketing… like super-sharp video content! In this article, we share a few style examples for explainer videos in the real estate tech sector. In the hope that they give you some ideas for your own marketing.


Style Examples: Real Estate Tech

Each brand is different and each product is different. But here are a few different approaches to get you thinking. You can also check out our video portfolio for more ideas.

1. Character Stories with Property Footage

Below is a character animation that also shows footage of a virtual tour through a property. Ultimately, it’s a playful touch on a super techy and futuristic topic.


2. Properties shown in 3D

Here we have a full 3D animated product overview video. The video features a detailed product explanation about all the different features on offer. The idea is to give the viewer a clear idea of the product’s benefits.


3. Floating Software Screens

In this animated video we use floating screens to show the software features. The screens follow a stylized design, as opposed to being more realistic, and this is suitable when giving a general overview rather than a detailed demo. It is of course possible to create video using realistic looking screens too.


4. Frame-by-Frame Animation

To get fluid motion and expressive characters it is possible to use frame-by-frame animation (i.e. traditional “cel” animation). This is a time and work intensive style of video to create. In the below video the client opted for a conversational tone and visuals with a hint of fun. We used 3D modeling to show the office space, while still maintaining the illustrated look and feel.


5. Isometric Explainer Video

We are suckers for a well-timed, well-placed transition. Throw in some motion graphics, 2.5d isometric animation, and we are hooked! Below is a video we created for our client who develops AEC (Architecture, Engineering & Construction) software products.


6. Linedrawn 2D Animation

This type of style works when you want a clean, professional look while still having a touch of informality.


7. Tight Turnaround Styles

For tight deadlines, you need to make smart style and scripting decisions. Below is an example of a tight timeline video that we think came out well. The trick was to base the video around a single key visual, so there wasn’t too much modeling and artwork creation. For more info on deadline projects take a look at our article on tight timeframe videos.


Types of Real Estate Tech Videos

Video can be used in many ways to promote your real estate tech product. It is usual to create different formats of video for different stages of your sales funnel. Some typical applications are:

  • Short Adverts for Paid Media (5-30 sec duration)
  • Social Media Clips
  • Product Explainer / Overview Video (60-90 sec)
  • Detailed Product Demo Video (2-5 mins)
  • How-To Videos (1-10 mins)
  • Video about Specific Features (60-90 sec)

To find out more have a look out our article showing 28 types of marketing videos that you can use. Furthermore, here is a summary of some of the different video styles:

  • Character animation
  • Motion-graphic style
  • 3D Explainer
  • Cut-out animation
  • Live Action (stock footage)
  • Live Action (filmed)
  • See more here

Finally, here’s a quick bit of info regarding timeframes. At most studios a professionally produced video will take you anywhere from 7-12 weeks. If you’re planning on a more complex style (e.g. frame-by-frame animation or 3D) it may be helpful to factor in some more time. At Piehole we also additionally offer a tight deadline service so speak to us about your video needs! 🙂