Explainer Videos for HR Tech

HR Tech Explainer Videos
If you have an HR tech product to promote then making an explainer video can be a great idea. A good explainer video can demonstrate clearly why your product matters and why people should buy it. These videos also help with your website’s performance in terms of SEO, visitor engagement, and overall conversion rate on the website.
We’ve made a lot of videos in the HR tech space and below are some of the things that customers often look for in these types of videos.

  • Awesome product visuals
  • A style that’s human and approachable
  • Super-clear value proposition
  • Make the product look easy to use and implement

Below are a few examples for your next HR tech explainer video…

HR Tech Explainer Video Styles and Examples

Your options in terms of creativity are endless and this will depend totally on your brand identity. But we’ve included a few general categories below. All examples are from our portfolio and are videos we made for companies in the HR tech space. We hope you enjoy them:

1. Show Some Screens

Screens, analytics, demos! In this type of video, you can show exactly what your software product does and how it works. In terms of the styling, you can choose to show the screens realistically or to use more abstract representations. Watch this video for style ideas for your software demo video. In the video below, you’ll see moving screens, with different layers and panels slotting into each other:


2. Casual & Friendly

Below is an example of friendly-looking characters. In fact, the whole video was created to show how user-friendly the product is to use. We also included app demo, to show the actual product of our client.


3. Real-Life Feel

We love this client’s product – it’s a gamification based product in the HR tech space. To make this video we used carefully selected stock footage, and combined this with motion graphics and an upbeat and fun track! Using stock footage can add a real-life element to your video, which can be very important in the HR tech space.


4. Slightly More Corporate

There are all sorts of business explainer videos in the world and they show animated characters in many different ways. In the below video we followed an approach showing more professional-looking environments and characters. We also used floating screens to show characters interacting with your product:


5. Engaging and Fun

In the below video we used cutout animation which is kind of like stop-motion, using photos and illustrations. We can’t help but smile when we think back on making this one which was a lot of fun.


6. Icon-Based

If you’re looking for a less cartoony option then a motion-graphic style explainer videos could be a good option. We used 2D animation for this video, with smooth transitions.


7. Throw in a bit of 3D

In the below video we have a style that’s more corporate, with a bit of 3D used too.



As in Keep It Simple and Silent (okay, so technically it’s KISAS, but that feels a bit risque somehow 😉 ). If you’re making a video for a conference or exhibition and you don’t have a lot of time to make it in then this type of style can work. These videos are generally silent, with large, yet minimal visuals that can easily be seen across a busy conference room. Below is an example of just such a video:


What Next?

We hope this was a helpful starting point for you in your journey to create an HR tech explainer video. What’s the next step in your search for a creator? Below are some suggestions to look for when choosing a production partner.

  • Great creative portfolio
  • Experience in HR tech
  • Proven track record
  • Pricing that works
  • Ability to hit a timeline

Looking for more examples? Glance over our YouTube channel for more video examples. Or you can get in touch so we can chat about ideas and pricing. We would absolutely love to help you on your explainer video journey!