Explainer Videos for Finance

If you’re researching explainer videos for finance then it can be tough to find good examples. To make this research a bit easier we have compiled this list below, broken down into some style categories for you.


1. Corporate

When making explainer videos for finance there are a huge variety of relevant styles, whether in animation or live action. A lot of people in financial services are put off by animation because they think it will look too cartoony but that doesn’t need to be the case. It’s possible to create a look that’s professional and trustworthy… it’s all just a matter of styling.




2. Serious but not too Serious

A lot of clients want to be in this zone… approachable yet professional. After all, finance is all about real life challenges and opportunities.




3. Fun

If your goal is to engage and entertain then a fresh, fun video could be just the thing for you.


4. Informal with a touch of 3D

We love working in 3D here at Piehole.TV. As with 2D, styling for finance videos can range for corporate through to fun and informal.


5. With Photos

For an animated look that’s a bit more “real life”, it’s possible to use photos. These can be stock photos or pictures of real people.


Scripting for Financial Services

Different videos will present different scripting challenges. An overview video for a home loan service is not the same thing as a tutorial video about FX derivatives! Even so, for all videos the goal is simple clear communication. In our team we have complex product knowledge gained in investment banking, as well as a background in storytelling and advertising.



In this article we’ve given a few examples of explainer videos for finance. If you’d like to explore more styles please see our article about explainer video examples.