How to Explain Complex Healthcare Topics with Video

Healthcare is complicated: the issues are complex, regulation is complex, and your products are complex. Heck, the whole thing is complex! That’s where video marketing can help. In this article, we give some ways that video can help simplify this complexity.

Tell a Story

We all love stories! A story can help humanize your message and make complicated content easier to digest.

Make Data Fun

Let’s face it, data can be boring. But not if you make it look cool with animation! Below are some examples showing how you can make the viewing experience more engaging.

Avoid the Pitfalls

Healthcare is a serious topic and you need to show credibility. Quite often you’ll need to strike a balance between seriousness while still coming across as human and empathetic. You’ll also want to ensure regulatory compliance at all costs. Video is a great tool in this regard because you have a lot of flexibility to tailor your messaging and the mood you want to portray. You can impact many of the viewer’s senses at once with beautiful visuals, engaging motion, spoken audio and effective sound design.

Explain Complex Healthcare

De-mistify Processes

In Healthcare, process flows are often complex. You should create a clear narrative with engaging visuals to match. An experienced video writer can craft a good flow where visuals complement audio. Convoluted topics should be broken down into simpler components and data flows should be simplified.

Keep your Audience Engaged

By using attractive illustrations and dynamic animation you can keep your audience watching. An experienced video writer will plan out an engaging visual flow, for example using interesting animated transitions to keep the viewer engaged.

Make Products Look Cool

Using video you can portray your product in the best possible way. You can also for example simplify product software screens to highlight the core of your messaging. In the below video, we combined a 3D render of the product into an engaging 2D world.

Production Tips

Producing a healthcare video can be different to video production for other industries. If your area is highly regulated you’ll likely have many stakeholders involved including legal, product and other others. Legal and regulatory teams will sometimes be reluctant to give definitive stage sign-offs (e.g. during scripting and storyboarding) and this can add complications to production. Therefore you should work with creators who understand this and are experienced in navigating these issues (hint: that’s us) so that you can avoid cost overruns, grumpy creatives and delays.


Video is a natural fit for explaining complex healthcare topics. You’re able to tailor your messaging and create effective, emotive communications that get your message across in a simple way. To view even more explainer video examples, please view our healthcare video portfolio page.