11 Video Ideas for Content Marketing

Content marketing is all about putting useful info out onto the internet so you can drive traffic to your website. And what better way to share valuable content than in video form? In this article we give a bunch of video ideas for content marketing.

Definition of Content Marketing

Just so we’re all on the same page, here’s the definition of content marketing by the CMI:

“Content marketing is a strategic marketing approach focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly defined audience — and, ultimately, to drive profitable customer action.”

The benefits of content marketing include:

  • Increasing website traffic
  • Generating leads
  • Improving SEO


We created the below video to show you 11 ideas for video content marketing. It’s in show-reel form, so we show an idea followed by some video samples and then we move to the next idea. Enjoy!


11 Video Ideas Content Marketing

Here are the ideas from the above video.
1. Expert Interviews
Having an expert talk about topics in your field is a great way to share useful knowledge and build company credibility.

2. Share Useful Data
Content marketing is all about sharing valuable info and what could be more valuable than hard data?
But data is often complex and boring and most people don’t have the time to read through endless reports or documents. So what better way to present this than with a video?
3. Turn your Best Blogs into Videos
If you have a good blog article that’s generating lots of traffic then chances are its a great piece of content! Why not turn it into a video and get even more traffic, e.g. from Youtube. You can post the video in your blog article to make the page even better.
4. Make “How To” Videos
A great way to attract viewers is to create videos to show how industry problems are solved using your product. You can also create tutorials to educate your users about how to use your product.

5. Show General Life Hacks
Creating videos about industry specific life hacks can help get you views and visiblity. For example this banana recipe video below was created for a banana producer and distributor.

6. Turn a Publication into a Video
If you publish reports, books or white-papers then having a shorter video version of the content can be really valuable. For example the below video is a teaser for a publication about metalworking.

7. Create Videos about Important Current Issues
Important current issues (whether natural, political, cultural, etc) gain a lot traction! If your company’s work intersects with these issues then creating a video can be a good branding asset for you.

8. Make Video Lists of Useful Info
People love lists! Lists are easy to understand and… well, short! Example of titles you could use here are: “5 Ways to improve your coding skills”, “Top 6 Money-Saving tips for Lawyers” or (of course) “11 Video Ideas for Content Marketing” 😉
9. Create a Video for any Occasion
Creating a video for specific marketing events or different times of the year can help you get some engagement from your audience. So whether you need to spread some love to your clients on Valentines Day or give your audience a “scare” on Halloween, there’s a video to be made for every occasion.

10. Tell a Personal Story
Sharing a personal story via video is a great idea for content video marketing. This will help the viewer relate to the message being conveyed and to better engage with your brand. The below video is an example of where a customer shared her personal story.

11. Just Make Cool Stuff!
Some content isn’t meant to be informative, it’s just meant to be fun! So go ahead and make something cool that speaks to your brand!


Pricing for Content Marketing Videos

Pricing will depend on the creative scope of what you want to make. Most clients have smaller budgets for a content marketing video than for their brand explainer video, and that’s ok. Budget can be saved and stretched in different ways. One example is to arrange a camera crew and filming lots of the content all at once, or to plan your animations with re-usable components.
Get in touch if you’d like to discuss some ideas!