Best Company Videos of 2019

Every year we make a list of some of our favorite projects from the year. Choosing the best videos from a years work sure isn’t easy because it’s (a) subjective, (b) very subjective!! So what we have with this list is a diverse sample of different videos that we like for various reasons.


11. iStaging

A good, clear product video with a modern, colorful illustration style.


10. OFEV

We chose OFEV for the list because of it’s complex animation style with lots of 3D. The video presents technical information clearly to a target audience that is sophisticated.


9. Crunch App

We think that this attention-grabbing live-action video has a few nice touches in terms of integrating motion graphics with the live action. After watching this video you’ll have to stop yourself from ditching this post and getting your crunch on!



Detailed 3D animation of a robot. What’s not to like?


7. Laundrylux

We love a good brand story and this video combines a good origin story with cool illustration and animation work.


6. Acuity

What can I say? Here at Piehole, we’re suckers for an interesting visual metaphor! We also like a nice piece of high end animation, and so this video places highly on our list.



We think this video nails the brief and target audience with vibrant visuals and simple explanations. It has some good illustration work and slick animation.


4. Moodcaster

A simple, easy-to-follow demo video with super slick screen views.


3. Silva Homes

An overview video with a twist… panning screens. We think this is a good, clear description of what makes this company special. It has some detailed illustration work and a few nice bits of frame-by-frame animation.


2. Vivun

A dramatic 3D product overview video set in a futuristic landscape. We love that it’s different to the ordinary.


1. Ascent

Our winner of the year is this refined video where each scene flows seamlessly into the next. The video was a beast to make with a large amount of work going into the frame-by-frame animation.


Phew, it was really hard to stick to 11 company videos for this list, there were so many great videos in 2019 we hope you enjoyed them! And if you want to research some styles, feel free to check out our list of explainer video examples or our portfolio.