Best Company Videos of 2018

Here’s a list of some of the best company videos of 2018 that we’ve had the privilege of working on. In 2018 we noticed a definite increase in customers wanting higher-end productions and we think that’s a good sign (for creativity in our industry!) Choosing the below examples wasn’t easy. . we wanted to choose videos that were a bit different to the ordinary and also offered something interesting in terms of scripting or animation. Still, it’s an inherently subjective process!
Without further delay, here are some of the favourite projects of 2018.

10. Sunsite New Features

First-up is this video, which we chose for it’s vibrant 3D graphic style. It explains the product clearly and is easy on the eye.


9. OrthoFX

We chose this video as it’s an achievable style on a real-word budget and we think it does a good job of explaining the product clearly (makes it look almost like a no-brainer decision for the client). With the use of typography rather than voiceover, the script was kept simple and easy to understand. The video is in the B2C space.


8. HipB2B

We like the fast, dynamic pace of this video and we think it has a few nice animation touches. This type of style is a good choice for companies who want to look professional and don’t want a style that’s cartoon-like.


7. Boxcast

This video is a funky demo video where the product is modelled in realistic 3D. We think every physical product needs a promo video and this is a good example!


6. Muru

We love making videos for exciting tech startups and that’s exactly what Muru is! This video makes our list of best company videos for it’s higher end animation style, where some cel animation and 3D was used.


5. Entersekt

This is a video that was created for a dynamic tech company. This video makes the cut for taking a complex product and making it simple. The benefits are clearly explained, making it suitable for both a technical and non-technical audience.


4. Qt Python

Bold, fun and attention-grabbing… exactly what you need in an explainer video!


3. Iron Mountain

Here’s something a little different. It’s a Christmas message video for staff and customers. It makes the list for the cutesy characters. Too adorable!


2. Beep Taxi

This style is a combination of 2D and 3D work. The video was created for the client’s fundraising efforts and we think it does a good job of making the showing how cool the product is.


1. Treerisk

This video is our pick for our best company video of 2018 because (i) we think it has a good script (ii) it has some fancy 3D animation. The video works because it has a touch of drama, showing the fires and blackouts possible without the client’s solution. And then it clearly explains the benefits of their product. The animation is a complex style in 3D with some realistic modelling, but at the same time the clarity of the message is never sacrificed. The music was custom-composed for the video.

That’s the end of our list of best company videos of 2018. If you’re looking for more awesome styles check out our list of explainer video examples.