Best Company Videos of 2016

The year has passed and here’s the list of our best company videos, taken out of our portfolio for the year. We originally had the idea for this article when browsing lists of best company videos online. While some of the examples were really great, a lot of the lists were a bit dated. Explainer video has moved on a bit in the last 3 years so we hope this is a good current list and it provides somebody somewhere with some inspiration.



We start off our list with this light-hearted video by the folks at ConferenceCalling. It’s nice to watch and gets the message across easily.



#9: Jewish Board

A true story. This one makes the pick because it made a big impact at the conference it was delivered at, and we like the hand-drawn illustrated style.


#8: Fr8Guru

We like the transitions and the little trucks.


#7: GamesGypsy

A power edit.


#6: Teikametrics

Photos + animation + cool script.


#5: Irish Life

This video is a mash-up of styles. It combines, animation, cut-out photos and live action.


#4: Streetography

This one used photos that were made to “move”.


#3: MMEG

In this animated video we tell the story by morphing one scene into the next.


#2: Hashtag

An app demo on steroids. We used a rocking soundtrack combined with a cool edit to demo this software.


#1: ChartIO

Bold, fun and techy. What more do you want in an explainer video?


That concludes our list of best company videos of 2016. Are you researching a style for your own video? Would you liked to see more ideas? Have a look at our ultimate list of explainer video styles.