Animated Videos for Charities

Here at Piehole.TV we love making animated videos for charities. Not only is it a chance to make a video that can help improve lives, it’s usually also a chance to do great creative work. You see, charities are unburdened by those unnecessary product features that are so tempting to include in a corporate video.
Here below are a few videos that we created, each with different styles.

1) 2D Motion Design

In the below video for the Margaret McNamara Education Grant, we used a 2D style where the animated transitions and typography tell the story. We tried to include a few nice morphs/transitions and threw in a touch of 3D and cel-animation to give it some whizz. The MMEG is a grant with ties to the World Bank. It provides educational grants to exceptional women from developing countries.


2) Illustration with hand-drawn feel

This is a story-telling video that we made for Jewish Board’s 2017 gala event. It tells the story of Cortnie and how she was helped through the kindness of others. The style uses a lot of illustrations with a hand-drawn feel and we tried to bring out a bit of emotion.


3) 2D Motion Design, one more time

This time we went for a kind of rough-drawn look. The Children of the Mountain charity focusses on one thing and only one thing: the education of children in Nepal.

4) 2D Character Animation

The below video was to promote the concept of a people’s referendum in Austria. The video was created with animated characters to depict a scenario that demonstrates the referendum.

There you have it: some info about animated videos for charities, as well as a few examples. If you’d like to see more style examples, check out our list of explainer video styles. Are you thinking of getting a video for your charity? Get in touch.