Amazon / E-Commerce Product Videos

E-commerce product videos, for websites like Amazon, are an amazing way to get your product to stand out in this online crowd. These videos, which are also known as product tours, are roughly 15- 30 seconds long. Although, they might be longer depending on the content. Including realistic renders of your products, as well as the most important features that sell the sizzle to potential buyers.

Here’s an example of a 3D product video we did:


What are the benefits of E-commerce Product Videos?

One of the biggest hesitations that online shoppers have is the fact that they can’t see a product before making the actual purchase. Written descriptions, photos, and online reviews help to build a mental image to some extent, although some shoppers might feel this is not enough. Because a product video is an accurate rendering of your product, it shows every angle and feature of your product. Which helps buyers to fully visualize what it feels like to own and use what you have to offer.


What do they cost?

Many e-commerce businesses include images or text descriptions in their listings rather than videos. Why? Mainly because of the idea that video is too expensive. In truth, there are many different options for your product video, and the chosen style (like 2D animation, 3D animation, or live action) and length of your video will all impact the price.

Nonetheless, we have a proven process for rolling out multiple sets of videos! So if you have more than one product needing a video, this is something we can help with. And the great news is, creating sets of videos are more cost-effective than creating one video at a time.


Examples of Product Videos and where to buy them?

There are many different product videos to consider. From realistic 3D renders, to product demos or tutorials, assembly videos, and even filming your actual product. The great news is, we can do them all. If you’re ready to invest in a great product video, get in touch with us to chat about ideas. Not ready to invest? Get in touch anyway… We love to talk about videos with anyone who will listen!
Below are a few more product videos that we’ve created: