Video Marketing for Training and Education

The need for video marketing for training and education is growing at a rapid speed! When it comes to creating educational content the options are endless. The types of video content made may include: how-to videos, educational software videos, promotional videos, study tips, staff training videos, to name just a few.

Below are some examples of different training and education videos, we hope you enjoy them:

E-Learning Promotional Videos

E-Learning is huge right now and if there’s anything we have learned these last couple of months, it’s that distance and online learning are paving the way forward when it comes to education. As a result, many companies are moving away from the more traditional in-class training towards the more accessible e-learning platforms. So how do you, as an e-learning marketer or business owner, get your company to stand out from the rest? Well, how about a promotional video showcasing some of your company’s capabilities?

Below is a promotional e-learning video that uses stock footage and animation, while the second video was filmed with real actors on a real set:


Educational Software Videos

We love software and creating software videos, so combining that with the educational industry really gets us excited! Educate your potential customers about your software by creating an explainer video that covers all the necessary topics.

Here are some examples of educational software videos.


Study Hints and Tips

Time management, examinations, how to study… These are all very overwhelming topics for new and existing students. Set their minds at ease with hints and tips on how to perform these tasks. Not only will you be helping a student, but you will also be able to help multiple students at the same time!

Below are a few videos we created to give students some advice when it comes to studying:


Healthcare and Pharmaceutical Educational Videos

Healthcare and pharma-related topics can be complicated – very complicated! A great way to educate your patients or employees about healthcare-related topics is to create a video with all that information. These videos can be broad or very specific in nature and depend on what information you wish to share.

Here’s an example of a video educating patients about hereditary cancer:


Educational Hardware Videos

Possible video ideas for hardware can include how-to videos, explainer videos, product videos, or even educational information on how to take care of computer hardware, as is the case in the video below. Whatever topic you wish to educate your users on, a video is a great way to get your message across to them.

Below is a video we created for Trafera on how to take care of their hardware:


Product Education

Educational videos aren’t only created for the educational industry, they can also include product education. Also known as ‘How It Works’ or ‘How-To’ videos. Hence, these videos can include step-by-step instructions educating your client on how to use your product or educating them about the steps your product goes through when performing a task.

Below is an example of a product education video:


Are you looking to learn more about video marketing for training and educational purposes? We would love to chat about ideas, so why not get in touch? You can also view more of our videos on our portfolio page.