Using Video to Replace in-person Staff Training

Doing in-person staff training has it’s benefits: you can train a number of people, all in one sitting. They can put up their hands and ask questions, and ultimately, it’s a lot more engaging than reading a large .pdf of information.


in-person staff training


But in-person staff training has its drawbacks:

  • It’s expensive
  • You have to take staff out of their day job to do training, resulting in a loss of revenue / service
  • With Covid19 – at least for the next few months anyway – companies have to be more mindful and avoid group events



This is where video comes in. Creating a series of exciting videos with quizzes and tests can be a winning solution. We’re talking about bite-sized learning pieces that can be done from anywhere – at home, while commuting, at the gym or even at work.

Below are a few approaches you can take when it comes to video:


Animation gives you a huge amount of creative flexibility and, best of all, you don’t need a film shoot. Animation is affordable, especially if you keep the style simple, however it is best to be concise because cost is linked to duration of the video.

Below is an example of an animated tutorial video:



Filming your training video has a lot of advantages. If you’re making a lot of videos then it can be more affordable. Also it’s closest in spirit to have a real teacher plus you can always add graphics and animation to aid the speaker’s explanation.

Here are a few different formats for live action filming:

  • Filming a speaker at their home or office: this can be done with a film crew or even as a DIY job (given the current situation with many staff in covid lockdowns!)
  • Filming in a professional studio: this can be cost-effective and has the advantage that the lighting and location is all set up already.
  • Filming on location: film shoots can be arranged at various locations depending on requirement.

Here’s an example of a video that was filmed in a studio, and combined with motion graphics and some stock footage.


LIVE ACTION (Stock Footage or Existing Footage)

If a film shoot is out of the question, or too expensive, then some well-chosen stock footage can be a great option. This can help give your video a “real life” look and place it in context for your viewer. Read this article for more information on stock footage in video.

If you have your own library of footage then that can also be used. In all cases the key to success is the scripting and our approach is to plan out each portion of the script’s visuals beforehand.

Below is a demo video we created using stock footage:

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