Product Explainer Videos

SAAS Product Videos that are… Sassy

In this somewhat nerdy article we’ll give a few example SAAS product videos and discuss some of the issues when making a SAAS demo. Video and SAAS companies are a match made in heaven. SAAS founders are techy people and there’s a big focus on metrics: conversion rates, churn rates, engagement rates, cost per sale, that kind of thing. Online video is great for boosting those stats.


How do SAAS companies use demo videos?

These days videos are used across the sales funnel. Most companies start with a company overview video to sit on the homepage, or a product video. With the overview video on the website, the goal is to increase conversion rate. Product videos are a powerful tool when used on landing pages, while testimonial videos provide social proof. But videos are also frequently used in top-of-funnel activities to attract clients, and also with on-boarding to reduce churn rates. Here’s a little overview.

How do create product explainer videos for marketing purposes


Real Screens or Animated?

A key consideration for many companies is whether to use actual screen-casting or animated versions of their screens in their SAAS product videos. Opinions here vary. Founders/marketers who like actual screens say they want to show the client exactly what they’ll be getting. Proponents of animation say they like animation’s potential to tell a story and sell the benefits. Who’s right? There’s no hard data either way but our approach is to take a look at the messaging/benefits that need to be conveyed and propose a visual style that will communicate this best.

Example: Animated Screens


Example: Actual Screens


Characters or Not

Do you use animated characters or a “motion design” kind of style that’s less cartoon-like? On the one hand viewers do empathize with characters and stories. But still, many clients prefer a more conceptual design to go with their brand and for the added explanation power of a motion design type of style. Preferences and fashions come and go, so our advice is to do what works best for your brand identity.
Example: Character Animation

Example: Motion Design


How much Detail to Include

Keep it short. The viewer has granted you a few seconds of their lives so you need to meet their needs of that exact moment and not of some future time. Your goal is to get them to move forward to the next step, whether that’s to click for more info or set up a call.


Using Video to Upsell

Video can be a good way to up-sell to existing customers, e.g. convince them to switch to a paid plan or try a new product. Here below is an in-app video we made for that purpose.


SAAS Product Videos: Where to Next?

The #1 issue that many SAAS companies face is getting more inbound traffic. They’ve got the art and science of conversion down fairly well but reaching new people is tricky and expensive. A traditional company explainer video is a great conversion-rate tool but video is increasingly being used across the sales funnel and we think SAAS companies will catch on to that. For example, they may increasingly use mini product videos to grab eyeballs or videos built around a content marketing type of narrative (i.e. speaking about customer needs and demonstrating live how their product solves it).