How to Make an App Demo Video

You want a fantastic app demo video to show off your software… but how do get one? Back in the day you did a boring old screencast video using Ned from IT as the voiceover.  No more!
In this article we’ll show you some cool ways to do this. Just a note that we’re assuming you have some budget and will be hiring someone to do a professional job rather than doing it yourself.

There are lots of ways to do this and different people have different preferences and requirements. Here below are a few of script formats to get you going.


1. Screencast Promo

Here the video is based mainly around actual screen recordings but presented in a promotional, engaging way. In the below case we use some 3D floating panels.


2. Realistic Animated Screens

Here we re-create the softwarer screens in animation but they still look like the real screens. This allows you to simplify the screens to show only what’s relevant to the explanation and it also allows you to use better transitions etc to give a dynamic feel.


3. Not-so-realistic Animated Screens

If your messaging is more high-level then sometimes you want to give a flavour of your software but the actual detail is not important. The idea here is more to emphasize the benefits of your software than focus on the detail. Below is an example.


4. Screencast + Stock Footage

In this style we use use stock footage combined with screencast footage. This can help if you have messaging goals that are a bit more benefit-driven and it can also help add visual variety and context for the viewer.


5. Classic Software Tutorial

This is the simplest type of video where we just show the recorded screen footage, perhaps with just a short intro.


5. Live Action – Floating Panels

App screens are shown as hovering panels.


5. Demo by Hand

Show a hand using the app.


6. No software, just pictures

Sometimes you just need to explain the benefits of your app and don’t want or need to show the actual app screens in use.


Making it Interesting

You want it to be keeping things engaging. Here are a few general tips for scripting and visuals:

  1. Visual variety is good. Script it in.
  2. If using live recordings, zooms and callouts can be a good way to aid the explanation.
  3. Decide wisely – if you use realistic recordings then keep in mind they can change.
  4. Script for re-usability. If you’re making lots of tutorials, you can re-use intro sequences and logo animations
  5. Plan for possible edits, e.g. don’t put sound effects on footage that is likely to change as that way you can just swap out the footage later without having to go back into sound studio.

You should also check out our article on script writing.

Sound Design

Having a professional voiceover and good music/effects is one of the easiest ways to add impact and production value to your app demo video. This is important even if your video is not for marketing purposes, for example if you’re making training videos.
Here’s a good example showing the power of good sound:


What Software to use for recording screens?

There are a few options, such as Camtasia or Screenflow. Make sure you record in full HD.


How much does an App Demo Video Cost?

A professional job will set you back a few thousand dollars. If you’re making simple screen tutorials you can find someone on to do it for a few hundred bucks but keep in mind that a good quality video needs voiceover, sound and good graphics all of which cost money to do well (because they take time). Making several demo videos at once can decrease your cost substantially if you work with the right production company. See our article on explainer video cost here.

That concludes our article about making an awesome app demo video. Are you interested in making a video? Talk to us about your software and let’s talk about ideas!